Journal of Forensic Research

ISSN: 2157-7145

Open Access

Takaki Ishikawa

Takaki Ishikawa

Takaki Ishikawa
Associate Professor, Department of Legal Medicine
Osaka City University Medical School, Japan


Takaki Ishikawa is an Associate professor of Department of Legal Medicine Osaka City University Medical School Osaka Japan 2009 Guest researcher Institute of Legal Medicine University Hospital Freiburg Freiburg GermanySkills and Competence acquired in Forensic Medicine: Medicolegal examination of about 2000 cases including cases of natural death traffic accidents assaults sexual abuse child abuse drunk driving accidents and torture Awards Fifth International Symposium on ADVANCES IN LEGAL MEDICINE 2003 First prize poster presentation Pathology Division lead author 9th IndoPacific Congress on Legal Medicine Forensic Science of The IndoPacific Association of Law Medicine and Science 2007 Third prize poster presentation lead author The Japanese Association of Criminology Investigator Award 2009 Japanese Society of Legal Medicine Investigator Award 2010 Number of publications reviewer for 93

Research Interest

Forensic pathology, Forensic endocrinology, Forensic toxicology.


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