Reports in Thyroid Research

ISSN: 2684-4273

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Selem Bouomrani

Selem Bouomrani

Selem Bouomrani
Associate Professor and head of the Department of Internal Medicine
University of Sfax, Tunisia


Dr. Salem Bouomrani is an Associate Professor of internal Medicine at Sfax University School of Medicine in TUNISIA and the head of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Military Hospital of Gabes, in Tunisia. After his internal Medicine Residency at the University of Monastir in Tunisia, he completed a traineeship at Saint-Antoine Hospital in Paris France. He has his Ph.D. in internal Medicine in 2015 and was also diplomated in many interesting fields: Systemic and Autoimmune Diseases from Saint-Antoine Faculty of Medicien, Pierre & Marie Curie University/Paris VI, France (2006), Certificate of the Franco-Tunisian Course of Disaster Medicine, chemical risk and FTX tools (2009), Certificate of Naval Medicine and Diving Medicine (2010), Certificate of Aeronautical Medicine (2010), Certificate of the Franco-Tunisian Course of Travel Medicine (2010), Certificate of the Italo-Tunisian course of aerial medical evacuation (2010), Application Diploma of Military Medicine (2010), American Certificate of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Ballistic Medicine (2010), Certificate of the Tunisian-German Course of Tropical Medicine and Sub-Saharan Pathology (2010), Certificate of the 1st course of the military health in methodology and medical writing (2013), Basic Life Support Diploma of ERC/European Resuscitation Counsil & TRC/Tunisian Resuscitation Counsil (2013), and postgraduate Certificate in Geriatrics & Gerontology from the Middle East Academy for Medicine of Aging (MEAMA) (2017). He is the author of three books: “Sub-clinical hypothyroidism”, Edition: Edilivre, France 2015, “Familial Mediterranean Fever», Edition: Edilivre, France 2015, “Non specific inflammatory pseudotumor”, Edition: Edilivre, France 2016, and over 50 papers in national and international scientific journals. He is reviewer in many national and international scientific/medical journals and member of editorial panel of several national and international medical journals.

Research Interest

Internal Medicine (connective tissue diseases, autoimmune diseases, systemic vasculitis, systemic granulomatosis), Tropical Medicine and Sub-Saharan Pathology, Endocrinology (Diabetes and Thyroiditis), Infectious diseases, Cancer, Immunology and immunotherapy, Neurology (neurological involvement in connective tissue diseases and systemic vasculitis) , cardiology (hypertension, cardiovascular risk, cardiac involvement in connective tissue diseases) and Case reports.


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