Journal of Forensic Research

ISSN: 2157-7145

Open Access

Rick Wyant

Rick Wyant

Rick Wyant
CRT Less Lethal Inc Washington, USA


Rick Wyant received his Master’s Degree in 1994, has been forensic scientist since 1995 and a reserve deputy since 2000. He currently supervises the forensic firearms unit at the Seattle crime laboratory and is court qualified in firearm/tool identification, crime scene analysis, less-lethal devices, and trajectory reconstruction. He has been analyzing evidence related to Electronic Control Devices (ECD) and Less Lethal impact munitions since 2001 and is one of the founding members of CRT LL.  Rick and CRT LL have taught these protocols to police agencies, scientists, students and attorneys all over the US and abroad including the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada.  He is a distinguished member of the Association of Firearm and Toolmark Examiners, an associate member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, a board member of the Scientific Working Group for Firearms and Toolmarks(SWGGUN), and the NIJ Technology Working Group (TWG) for less-lethal weapons.



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