Chemical Sciences Journal

ISSN: 2150-3494

Open Access

Peter J Bond


Peter Bond has ten years of experience in the development and application of computational methods to study biomolecules. His research combines a broad expertise in molecular modelling, multi-scale simulation, biased sampling, and free energy calculation methods, to probe fundamental aspects of chemical and physical biology. His interest in the field developed following his graduation in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford in 2001, where he remained to read for a D. Phil. in the Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biochemistry Unit, supported by a Wellcome Trust Prize Studentship. He was later awarded an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship to carry out research at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics in Frankfurt, Germany.

In 2010, he moved to the Unilever Centre in the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge as a University Lecturer and group leader. He has >50 publications (H-index=22), including several reviews and book chapters, with a total of >1500 citations.

Research Interest

His research particularly focuses on the mechanisms of ligand recognition and receptor signalling, biomolecular self-assembly, membrane permeation, and structure-based drug design.


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