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Peiwen Fei

Peiwen Fei

Peiwen Fei
Associate Professor of Cancer Biology
University of Hawaii, University of Hawaii Cancer Center, USA


Dr. Peiwen Fei has been independently leading research programs for nearly ten years by the end of academic year 2014-15. During this period, she and her team have worked very diligently and obtained sustained-NCI funding since early 2009 (up to 2019 at the moment). Peers have recognized her work as a leading field in the utilization of the Fanconi Anemia-BRCA tumor-suppressor pathway to provide novel insights into our understanding of human tumorigenesis and cancer treatment, and our publications were highlighted in four different scientific news media). Dr. Fei has also established both domestic and international collaborations to help others and improve ours. In addition, Dr. Fei have actively served University of Hawaii as well as scientific communities (journal board member, Journal editor, Journal reviewer, and Grant reviewer for both Federal and non-federal grant applications).

Research Interest

Our research interests focus on how tumor suppressors function and what can be learned from cancer susceptibility syndromes. Currently, we are studying two tumor suppressor signaling pathways, the p53 and Fanconi Anemia (FA)-BRCA signaling pathways, and their implications in tumor suppression and cancer treatment.

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