Vitamins & Minerals

ISSN: 2376-1318

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Okhee Han

Okhee Han

Okhee Han
Assistant Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences
Pennsylvania State University, USA


Han received a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina in 1995 in Nutritional Biochemistry. After completing postdoctoral training in molecular and cell biology at Yale School of Medicine and Harvard University, she moved to Oklahoma to take an assistant professor position at Oklahoma State University in the Department of Nutritional Sciences. In 2005, she moved to Penn State, she says, to be “closer to the east coast with its research-oriented atmosphere. I am looking forward my career at Penn State.”

Research Interest

Han’s research projects are focused on understanding cellular and molecular mechanisms of the intestinal iron absorption processes and the regulation of iron absorption response to demands over the life cycle as well as to the various patho-physiological conditions (such as iron-depletion and –overload, hemochromatosis, chronic infection and inflammation).



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