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Nima Fattahi

Nima Fattahi

Nima Fattahi
Family Medicine Physician, Researcher assistant, Kurdistan university of Medical Sciences, Iran


My Name is Dr. Nima Fattahi. im graduated of medicine and Im 25 years old . About six months ago, I finished the course of medicine and graduated from Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences.
I have several publications in ISI and Scopus indexed journals, I have had several oral and poster presentation in international and national conferences, and I participated in holding several research conferences as executive secretary, member of scientific committee, and member of the jury. Furthermore, I have conducted several research workshops as the trainer.
It is worth noting that, I was recognized as “National outstanding student researcher” of the year in 2017 by the deputy of research and technology of Iran’s Ministry of Health. I was also recognized as the “best juror” of the 18th annual research congress of Iranian medical students in 2017, and the best “best student researcher” of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences in2013, 2014, and 2015.

Research Interest

Neurology, Cardiology, Gastroesophageal Reflux

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