Chemical Sciences Journal

ISSN: 2150-3494

Open Access

Nikolay N Gerasimchuk

Nikolay N Gerasimchuk

Nikolay N Gerasimchuk
Department of Chemistry
Missouri State University, Associate Professor (Inorganic Chemistry), USA


Prof. Nikolay Gerasimchuk has received his first Ph.D. degree in coordination chemistry from Kiev State University in 1985. His second Ph.D. degree in bio-inorganic chemistry was earned in 1996 in the University of Kansas. Currently he is working at the Department of Chemistry of Missouri State University. Dr. Gerasimchuk has authored 93 publications, 7 patents and contributed to 2 book chapters. He is an official reviewer of the American Chemical Society and Royal Chemical Society journals, and works in the same capacity for some Elsevier journals as well.

Research Interest

Medical-biological applications of oxime-based ligands and their bivalent Pd and Pt complexes, Light-insensitive 2D coordination polymers based on Ag(I)-cyanoximates and their sensoric applications, Self-assembled nano-size 1D coordination polymers of Pt and Tl cyanoximates-electric conductors, X-ray crystallography.


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