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Michael Eskin

Michael Eskin

Michael Eskin
Professor, Department of Human Nutritional Sciences
University of Manitoba, Canada


N. A. Michael Eskin is Professor and Associate Dean in the Department of Human Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Human Ecology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. He has done extensive research on edible oils and was involved in the early development of canola oil.  Of particular note is his more recent work identifying the importance of minor components, particularly vitamin E, on the stability of edible oils. He has also worked in the area of carbohydrates, particularly yellow mustard, examining the chemical, functional and anticancer properties of its mucilage.  Dr. Eskin holds several patents and has published  over 115 research papers and 12 books including Canola: Chemistry, Production, Processing and Utilization with Jim Daun and Dave Hickling released in May, 2011 by American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) Press.  His latest book, Functional Foods and Cardiovascular Disease, co-edited with Dr.  Mohammed Moghadisian, is scheduled for release in February by Taylor and Francis, USA.  The third edition of his classic book, Biochemistry of Foods, will be released by Academic Press/Elsevier later this year and is co-edited with Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi.  Dr. Eskin is the recipient of the Timothy Mounts Award by AOCS and the W.J. Eva award by the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST) for outstanding research and service to the respective societies. He is a fellow of The American Oil Chemists’ Society, Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, and Institute of Food Science and Technology in the UK.  In May of this year he was selected as co-editor of Lipid Technology.  He continues his research on edible oils as well as the health-related properties of yellow mustard gum.

Research Interest

Dr. Eskin continues his research on the quality and frying performance of new canola oil varieties, particularly high oleic and low linolenic canola oil. He also studies the nature and properties of a unique mucilage from yellow mustard.



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