Journal of Health Education Research & Development

ISSN: 2380-5439

Open Access

Liang Zhao

Liang Zhao

Liang Zhao
Research Associate, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA


Dr. Zhao obtained his Ph.D. degree in analytical chemistry and his research primarily focuses on the application of mass spectrometry in ‘omics’ technologies. He is familiar with different types of mass spectrometers and has extensive experience of applying these analytical tools in metabolomics and proteomics studies. He has developed several methods which are successfully utilized to identify new proteins and characterize several types of post-translational modifications (e.g. glycosylation, disulfide bond). He also obtained professional training in bioinformatics for data processing and database development. His current research is focusing on the metabolic profiling using mass spectrometry to demonstrate the biological function and importance of these metabolomics findings and to apply metabolomics as a powerful tool for defining perturbations in metabolic pathways and networks in human disease. His longer-term goals are focusing on the integration of mass spectrometry, biology and bioinformatics to address the biological importance of metabolites and proteins (including PTMs), and to better understand their roles in human disease and treatment options.

Research Interest

Metabolomics, Proteomics, System biology, Mass spectrometry, Toxicity, Developmental Neurotoxicity, Metabolic pathways, Endocrine disruption



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