Environmental & Analytical Toxicology

ISSN: 2161-0525

Open Access

Konstantinos Makris

Konstantinos Makris

Konstantinos Makris
Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health, USA


Assistant Professor Konstantinos C. Makris is the Director of the Water and Health research program in the Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health in association with Harvard School of Public Health, which is under the auspices of the Cyprus University of Technology. Prof. Makris is also an adjunct assistant professor of Environmental Health in the Department of Environmental Health, Harvard University. Dr. Makris applies principles of exposure science and metabolomics on human exposure measurements for endocrine disrupters in various matrices. Dr. Makris utilizes methodology and techniques towards the improved understanding of orally-ingested contaminants on the etiology and mitigation of carcinogenic or non-carcinogenic effects (diabetes type II, adverse pregnancy outcomes).

Research Interest

Primarily in exposure science, by measuring human exposures to a suite of environmental contaminants, paying particular attention to water and health issues.


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