Entrepreneurship & Organization Management

ISSN: 2169-026X

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Jerome S Engel

Jerome S Engel

Jerome S Engel
Professor, Department of Management
University of California, Berkeley, USA


Jerome S. Engel is currently employed as Professor in department of Management at University of California, USA. He is also the Faculty Director for THE LESTER CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION. Professor Jerome was also the General Partner for a venture capital firm associated with The Monitor Group in 2002. He also Co founded Kline Hawkes & Co. His dedication and work and his quality of publication is reflected in awards like National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance - Olympus Corporation, Outstanding Service Award etc. to name  few. He also held positions like Board of Directors for numerous Incorporations and establishments. Prior to being the professor, he also hold experience in Industry like Interner & Telecom, Computers & Softwares and Health Care etc. Professor Jerome\\\\\\\\s selected Profesional Associations includes member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, American Accounting Association and CA, NY and PA Institutes of Certified Public Accountants

Research Interest

Venture capital and private equity transactions
Corporate venturing and innovation initiatives
Clusters and networks of innovation
Management practices in emerging enterprise
Technology management and licensing
Mergers and acquisition
Initial public offerings
Financing high-tech ventures


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