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Innus Mohammad

Innus Mohammad

Innus Mohammad
Research Associate, Department of Chemistry
University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA


Innus Mohammad, currently working as a Research Associate at UMASS Medical School, under the supervision of Dr. Stephen C. Miller. Graduated from University of Connecticut with Ph.d. in organic chemistry. In his Ph.D., he worked under the guidance of Dr. Michael B. Smith and developed methodologies for the synthesis of Pancratistatin and 2-nitroimidazole-indocyanine green (ICG) conjugates. Later, he joined as a postdoc in Dr. Larry W. McLaughlin’s lab and worked on the synthesis of 2’-F uridine analogues. His work from Ph.d. and postdoc has been published in reputed journals. Further, he had presented three research talks at reputed international conferences. During his Ph.d and postdoc he was fortunate enough to practice peer reviewing journal articles with my advisors and gained the necessary skills to examine and compile the data in research articles. In addition, he had four years of industry experience at a reputed pharmaceutical company (Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.) in India, where he served as a Jr. Scientist focusing on synthesis of various signal transduction inhibitors as anti-cancer molecules and cardiovascular drug, Ezetimibe analogues. He is currently serving as a reviewer for several journal articles, few of them are "Tetrahedron Letters", “Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry", "Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry", “Bio-organic and medicinal chemistry” "Synthetic Communications" and "Med. Chem. Comm." he was recognized as 2016 outstanding reviewer for Tetrahedron Letters. 

Research Interest

Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry

Recommended Conferences

Climate Change Summit

Beijing, China


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