Chemical Sciences Journal

ISSN: 2150-3494

Open Access

H.Edison Munaf

H.Edison Munaf

H.Edison Munaf
Department of Chemistry
Andalas University, Professor of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Indonesia


Edison Munaf is a Professor of Environmental Analytical Chemistry from Andalas University. He received his Post Doctoral Research Fellow (December 1995-October 1996) from Gifu University, Japan.He is also a Visiting Scientist at Gifu University, December 2007.


1. Council members of Asian Association on Academic Activities for Waste Management (2003-present) 2. Member of Indonesia Chemical Society (1983-present) 3. Member of Japan Chromatography Society (1995-present) 4. Member of Biosciences Society (1999-2000) 5. Member of Society for Applied Spectroscopy (1987-1993) 6. Member of American Chemical Society (1986-1993) 7. Member of The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry (1986-1993)

Research Interest

Bioremediation and biosorption, Monitoring of environmental pollution and design of wastewater treatment.

Recommended Conferences

Climate Change Summit

Beijing, China


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