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Guoxiang xie

Guoxiang xie

Guoxiang xie
Assistant Professor
University of Hawaii Cancer Center, USA


Dr. Xie’s current research focuses on conducting comprehensive metabolomic studies to (1) identify the metabolite markers for disease diagnosis and stratification and (2) define the molecular mechanisms that link metabolic disruptions in gut microbial-host co-metabolism to metabolic disorders and gastrointestinal cancer. Dr. Xie received his M.D. degree in Pharmaceuticals from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China in 2007. Dr. Xie has more than 10 years of experience in bioanalytical science and metabolomics, and published over 60 peer-reviewed papers on metabolomics and biomedical research. He has worked on dozens of metabolomics projects that span the translational research spectrum from various rodent models to human clinical trials. Currently, being an assistant professor at University of Hawaii Cancer Center, Dr. Xie manages multiple metabolomics projects in the area of cancer biomarker discovery.

Research Interest

Gastrointestinal cancer, metabolic disruptions in gut microbial-host co-metabolism, metabolomics, biomarker discovery

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