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G Sridhar Prasad

G Sridhar Prasad

G Sridhar Prasad
Co-founder and Vice President of Research, San Diego, CA 92121, CalAsia Pharmaceuticals, Inc, USA


Dr. Prasad is the co-founder and Vice President of Research of CalAsia Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Prasad has been the core member of drug discovery teams that discovered multiple drug candidates, currently at various stages of preclinical and clinical development, including MK-4965, a second generation HIV-1 AIDS drug candidate discovered at Merck. He was the lead crystallographer and core member of the team that discovered NESINA, Syrrx and Takeda San Diego\\\\s DPP-IV inhibitor, a FDA approved drug to treat type II diabetes and first drug to be discovered using structure-based methods at Syrrx

. He designed, built and implemented fragment based crystallography screening technology platforms at Syrrx (Takeda), Merck and Metabasis. He is the recipient of Merck Research Laboratory meritorious researcher award consecutively for 2004 and 2005. He has co-authored over 45 peer reviewed research articles, holds six US and international patents. He serves on the editorial board of Current Protein and Peptide Science. Dr. Prasad obtained his Ph.D., from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India and post-doctoral training at University of Minnesota Medical School and the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California, where he subsequently grew to the ranks of Assistant Professor.

Research Interest

Structural biology, Drug discovery, X-ray crystallography, Molecular Biology.


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