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Fei Xing

Fei Xing

Fei Xing
Assistant Professor
Wake Forest University, School of Medicine, USA


Dr. Fei Xing have been working on tumor microenvironment with particular focuses on metastatic process of breast and prostate cancer. During his graduate study, he found that hypoxia promotes the stemness of breast cancer cells by activating their Notch signaling and such activation requires the interaction with bone stromal cells (Oncogene 2011 Sep 29;30(39):4075-86) . Dr. Fei’s current research is focused on the signaling pathways and pathogenesis of breast cancer brain metastasis. In two of Dr. Fei’s first author publications (Cancer Res. 73. 1434-1444, Oncogene. 2015 Feb 9), he demonstrated that miR-7 and miR-509 were able to block brain metastasis by suppressing the KLF4 and RhoC expression in cancer cells. Dr. Fei Xing also revealed that brain micorenvironmental cells play a critical role in the progression of brain metastasis by revealing a positive feedback loop of IL1-JAG1-Hes5 between brain metastatic cells and reactivated astrocytes (EMBO Mol. Med. 5, 384). Both of his publications on Cancer Res and EMBO MM were chosen as cover stories and the former one was selected as the top 100 science stories by Discover Magazine of 2013 and the latter one was recommended by F1000. Because of Dr. Fei’s strong background and expertise in this field, he was appointed as Instructor at Cancer Institute of University of Mississippi Medical Center on 2013 and one year later Dr. Fei became the Assistant Professor in Wake Forest University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Research Interest

Cancer metastasis, Tumor microenvironment, Non-coding RNA, Cancer stem cell

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