Journal of Forensic Research

ISSN: 2157-7145

Open Access

Dr. Ugo Da Broi

Dr. Ugo Da Broi

Dr. Ugo Da Broi
Research Fellow, Department of Medicine
University of Udine, Section of Forensic Medicine, Italy


Dr. Ugo Da Broi received his MD degree at the University of Bologna Italy andthe PhD degree in Clinical and Technological Sciences at the University of Udine Italy. After a post-graduate training he received the Forensic Medicine degree at the University of Udine Italy. He is Research Fellow at the Section of Forensic Medicine - Department of Medicine, University of Udine Italy.

Research Interest

Forensic Medicine, Forensic Pathology, Personal Injury, Assault and Injury, Suicide - Parasuicide and Deliberate Self-Harm, Clinical Negligence and Malpractice, Risk Management, Medicolegal Issues of End-of-Life Phase, Euthanasia.


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