Journal of Forensic Research

ISSN: 2157-7145

Open Access

Dr. Howell G M Edwards

Dr. Howell G M Edwards

Dr. Howell G M Edwards
University of Bradford, UK


Howell GM Edwards, Professor of Molecular Spectroscopy in University of Bradford and Head of Division of Chemical Forensic Sciences, School of Life Sciences, University of Bradford and Director of the Centre for Astrobiology Extremophiles Research, University of Bradford. He is also an International Science Team Support Coordinator RLS/Exomars Mission Research Fellow, University of Cambridge. 1968-1969 DPhil in Chemistry from the University of Oxford ,1965-1968 BSc in Chemistry from the University of Oxford in 1966 MA in Chemistry from the University of Oxford in 1965 Awarded the Boricky Medal for geochemistry by Charles University Prague Czech Republic in 2009 Awarded the Sir Harold Thompson Prize for vibrational spectroscopy in 2003Chartered Chemist and Fellow Royal Society of Chemistry London Published over 1000 articles and papers in the scientific literature Associate Editor and Editorial Board Member of seven scientific journals

Research Interest

Applications of Raman spectroscopy to forensic science and international security, Characterisation of biomaterials and contraband in a forensic context, Evaluation of portable Raman spectrometers for in-field applications Biogeological signatures in terrestrial and extraterrestrial extremes, Archaeological analysis and archaeometry of pigments, biomaterials , human remains, Pharmaceutical analysis of drugs of abuse, Biomarkers and their survival in the geological record, Ivories and their characterisation Ancient resins.


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