Reports in Thyroid Research

ISSN: 2684-4273

Open Access

Dr. Asad Rahim

Dr. Asad Rahim

Dr. Asad Rahim
Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, England


Dr. Asad Rahim graduated from the University of Leeds in 1991 and then continued with my postgraduate education in Leeds and Manchester. He trained as a Research Fellow in Endocrinology and Specialist Registrar in Manchester before coming to Birmingham to take up a post of Consultant Physician with an interest in Diabetes and Endocrinology. His training has been predominately in endocrinology and my specialist areas include clinical endocrinology. Currently, He provides a wide range of clinical services at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital providing clinics in general and specialist endocrinology, including metabolic bone, pituitary and thyroid clinics. Dr. Asad Rahim also provide a general diabetes service.

Research Interest

 Endocrine related diseases, Diabetes, thyroid


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