Vitamins & Minerals

ISSN: 2376-1318

Open Access

Danuta Kalinowski

Danuta Kalinowski

Danuta Kalinowski
Department of Pathology
University of Sydney, Senior Lecturer, Australia


Dr Kalinowski was awarded her Ph.D. in November of 2007 and has published a total of 43 peer-reviewed publications (H-index: 13; >530 citations), including book, book chapter, and a number of invited review articles. Her Ph.D. studies resulted in the publication of 12 articles primarily in the medicinal chemistry field in high quality international journals. She is currently appointed as a Research Fellow in the Department of Pathology in the University of Sydney and holds a prestigious Cancer Institute NSW Early Career Development Fellowship.

Research Interest

Development of Novel Chemotherapeutic Agents, Iron Chelators, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology



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