Reports in Thyroid Research

ISSN: 2684-4273

Open Access

Cesareo Roberto

Cesareo Roberto

Cesareo Roberto
Endocrinologist, Director of thyroid and bone disease department
S. M. Goretti Hospital, Latina, Italy


Dr. Cesareo Roberto is Endrologist at the S. M. Goretti Hospital, Italy. He received his Doctor of Medicine in Medicine from the Sapienza University, Rome in 1990. Dr. Cesareo Roberto did specialization in Endocrinology and metabolism from the Sapienza University, Rome. Dr Cesareo Roberto and his team have presented more than 100 abstracts at national and international meetings (internal medicine and endocrinology). He is coauthor of Italian consensus about hyperparathyroidism’s treatment and osteoporosis management and treatment and coauthor of osteoporosis Italian guidelines. Dr. Cesareo Roberto had been an international speaker at more than 20 medical conferences. He has over 38 peer reviewed publications and over 50 publications are listed on Pubmed.

Research Interest

Thyroid disease, thermal ablation for benign thyroid nodules (Laser and radiofrequency), osteoporosis and bone metabolic disease.


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