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Caoimhe McKerr

Caoimhe McKerr

Caoimhe McKerr
The University of Liverpool, Institute of Infection and Global Health, Liverpool, England


I am a PhD candidate in the Health Protection Research Unit at the University of Liverpool. My research attempts to understand the complex epidemiology of cryptosporidiosis in the UK, by assessing source attribution and identifying transmission pathways of infection. Prior to this, I was a member of both the Knowledge and Intelligence and Field Epidemiology Teams at Public Health England where I worked as an epidemiologist and intelligence specialist. I graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Microbiology and went on to study an MSc in Parasitology and Vector biology and later a PGDip in Public Health. I was an epidemiologist at the Health Protection Agency for six years, and before that spent four years as a public health analyst in various trusts across England. Most recently, I completed a two-year Field Epidemiology/EPIET program with Public Health England and the European Centre for Disease Control, involving various research projects and outbreak investigations across the world.

Research Interest

Current research interests include understanding the transmission pathways and points for intervention in infection control relating to secondary spread of gastrointestinal infections. In addition, I work closely with Public Health partners in delivering rapid response to outbreaks and in maintaining surveillance systems that are fit for purpose. Our work contributes heavily to changes and review of policy and protocol, with particular scope in minimising risk and reducing inequalities in healthcare and infectious disease outcome. I am also currently working on a large-scale Wellcome Trust funded project in Public Engagement and am interested specifically in communicating and teaching epidemiological and infection process concepts to lay audiences.

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