Journal of Health Education Research & Development

ISSN: 2380-5439

Open Access

Andromeda M. Nauli

Andromeda M. Nauli

Andromeda M. Nauli
Assistant Professor, Department of Health Sciences
College of Pharmacy, California Northstate university , USA


Dr. Andromeda M. Nauli is currently as an Assistant Professor at California Northstate College of Pharmacy, USA. He completed his Ph.D. training in Professor Patrick Tso’s laboratory at the University of Cincinnati in 2005. His field of research is in gastrointestinal physiology, examining the complex processes of dietary fat absorption. He did his postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Cell Biology, The Scripps Research Institute. He received both of his predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships from the American Heart Association, and he currently holds a membership in the organization. Besides research, Dr. Nauli teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology, stressing on the significance of critical thinking in biomedical science education.

Research Interest

Dr. Nauli’s research is in the intestinal absorption of dietary fat. His active research projects include hormonal regulation of dietary fat absorption, food allergy against red meat, and the role of intestinal lipoprotein in body adiposity and cardiovascular diseases.



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