Journal of Blood & Lymph

ISSN: 2165-7831

Open Access

Susumu Ikehara, Professor, Department of Stem Cell Disorders Kansai Medical University, Japan

Akiko Yamasaki, Kyoto University, Japan

About the Journal

Journal Impact Factor 2.82
Index Copernicus value
: 63.45
NLM ID: 101649872

Journal of Blood & Lymph is a well-established peer-reviewed journal publishing significant developments in the field of hematology and related medical science specializations. The journal provides a global forum for communication of original research, reviews and other forms of science communications pertaining to the basic laboratory, translational, and clinical investigations on etiology, screening, diagnosis, therapy and management of benign and malignant diseases affecting blood, bone marrow, lymph and spleen. The journal provides wide coverage of all aspects of hematology, including disorders of leukocytes, erythrocytes, platelets, hemostatic mechanisms, vascular biology, immunology, and hematologic oncology.

The journal caters to the informational requirements of students, academicians, researchers, scientists as well as clinical, medical and health professionals involved in basic and applied studies of hematology.

The journal operates on an open access model of publishing through an online editorial tracking system for maintaining quality in editorial processing. The scientific and clinical reports on circulating elements of blood published by the journal are of great relevance in developing and testing of new and improved therapeutic approaches to improve the quality of life among patients affected by diseases of blood and lymph.

 Submit manuscript at www.scholarscentral.org/submission/blood-lymph.html or send as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at  [email protected]​​​​​​​

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