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    The Effectiveness of the COVID-19 Vaccine by Analyzing the Death Rate/Mortality Corona Virus 19 and Confirmed the Corona Virus 19 in World during December 2020 Until September 2021

    Dodi Irwan Siregar*

    Viruses are important pathogens of high animals and the major cause of mortality, and they also are drivers of global geochemical cycles; yet, biological sciences considered them as entities separate from the realm of life and acting merely as mechanical artifacts that can exchange genes between different species, genera, phyla and even from one ecosystem to another. During the last decade, the increased awareness of the complexity of the immune system and its determinants, including at the host genetic level, indicated that using system biology approaches to assess how various processes and networks interact in response to immunization could prove more illustrative than trying to isolate and characterize a few components of vaccine responses. These immune-related concerns have largely spread into the population, and questions related to the immunological safety of vaccines that is, their capacity for triggering 2 non-antigen specific responses possibly leading to allergy, autoimmunity, or even premature death are being raised. Certain “off-targets effects” of vaccines have also been recognized and call for studies to quantify their impact and identify the mechanisms at play. This study uses multiple linear regression analysis to predict and predict changes in the value of certain variables when other variables change. Correlation is one of the statistical analysis techniques used to find the relationship of how strong the relationship between two or more variables that are quantitative. By using the Linearity Test (Lillie force test) where f count >f table is 787,62 >3,24Then, Ho is rejected. This means that multiple linear regression analysis can be used to predict The Corona virus 19 vaccine in world by analyzing Variable The death rate and Confirmed the corona virus 19 data. Obtained the multiple linear regression equation is Y=0.609211-3, 15845257X1 + 3,58359X2, the correlation value of the variables above is 0.98389 the value is superior correlation scale ranging from 0.76 to 0.99. Is where t1 count <t table is -12,078< 2,009, then Ho is accepted, meaning there is no significant effect partially between the Variable The Corona virus 19 vaccine and The death rate. Then the value of the t2 count >t table is 3,62523>2,009. Ho is rejected, it means that there is a large significant influence partially between the Corona virus 19 vaccine against confirmed the corona virus 19 variable in World on Desember 2020 until September 2021.

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      A Brief Review about Biomass Formation from Enzymes

      Rahul Prasad*

      Biomass is organic material that is renewable and originates from plants and animals. Until the mid-nineteenth century, biomass was the primary source of total yearly energy consumption in the United States. Biomass is a popular fuel in many nations, particularly in underdeveloped countries for cooking and warmth. Many industrialized nations are boosting their use of biomass fuels for transportation and electricity generation as a way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel consumption. Biomass provided roughly 5 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) in 2020, accounting for around 5% of total primary energy consumption in the US. Biomass is made up of chemical energy that has been stored from the sun.

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      A Brief Review on Bio-Catalysts

      Piyush Kumar*

      Bio-catalysis has turned into a significant part of current natural combination, both in scholarly world and across the substance and drug businesses. Its prosperity has been generally because of a fast development of the scope of synthetic responses available, made conceivable by cutting edge instruments for chemical disclosure combined with high-throughput research facility advancement procedures for biocatalyst streamlining. A wide scope of tailor-created compounds with high efficiencies and selectivities would now be able to be delivered rapidly and on a gram to kilogram scale, with devoted data sets and search apparatuses pointed toward making these biocatalysts open to a more extensive academic local area. This Primer talks about the present status of-the-craftsmanship philosophy in the field, including course plan, chemical revelation, protein designing and the execution of bio-catalysis in industry.

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        BioFuel and Environment

        Shruji Deo

        Sustainable biofuels must be generated in order to reduce their environmental and economic impacts. The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is a global initiative that brings together growers, entrepreneurs, governments, NonGovernmental Organisations (NGOs), and scientists who are concerned about the long-term feasibility of biofuel production and distribution. It released a set of tools for comprehending information. The International Energy Agency's Technology Partnership Programme on Bioenergy (IEA Bioenergy TCP) is an international platform for country cooperation aimed at improving cooperation and knowledge sharing among countries with national bioenergy research, production, and deployment programmes. Since biofuels are produced from biomass, they are long-lasting. Oil is a liquid, while water is a solid. The waste can be converted into fuel. Biofuels can be produced locally, which decreases the nation's dependence upon foreign energy. By reducing dependence on foreign fuel sources, countries can protect the integrity of their energy resources and make them safe from outside influences. Because biofuels are produced locally, biofuel manufacturing plants can employ hundreds or thousands of workers, creating new jobs in rural areas. Biofuel production will also increase the demand for suitable biofuel crops, providing economic stimulation to the agriculture industry. Traditional wood use in cook stoves and open fires, according to the IPCC, emits pollutants that can have serious health and environmental consequences.

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        Genetically Improved With a Variety of Introduced Genes, to Impart Pest and Disease Resistance

        Yureka Mosini

        The specialized triumphs of recombinant DNA innovation have offered bunch business applications, yet in addition unprecedented instruments for contemplating the hereditary qualities and organic chemistry that underlie crucial organic cycles in ordinary and sickness states - how qualities are directed, the component of hereditary recombination, the subtleties of macromolecular amalgamation, and the idea of authority over cell development and senescence. The original confirmation of-idea recombinant DNA analyze was the 1973 paper where they blended two plasmid DNAs processed with a limitation catalyst and, after ligation, presented the subsequent recombinant, or illusory. Recombinant DNA innovation emerged from the conversion of advances in microbiology, enzymology, and division and filtration strategies. At the point when the microbes were engendered, the plasmids containing heterologous DNA were moreover spread and delivered intensified measures of this recombinant DNA.

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