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Tsiganok OE


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    About Tsiganok Gravitation Theory (TGT)
    Author(s): Tsiganok OE and Tsiganok EPTsiganok OE and Tsiganok EP

    Tsiganok gravitation law was discovered, Tsiganok gravitation theory was worked out. The definitions of body weight and body mass and density (specific gravity) were given. The definitions of gravitational constant were found and gravity acceleration constant of of a body were found and defined. The weight, the mass, the gravity acceleration, the average density (specific gravity) and other parameters of the Earth, the Sun, the Moon etc. were defined. Body parameters in various points of the Universe were found. The Earth, the Sun, the Moon and other bodies were weighed in the state of weightlessness without scales. The centrifugal forces of the Earth, the Moon, and other bodies were found. The formula of the second law of motion was made more precise. The forces of gravitation between the Sun and the Earth and also between the Earth and the Moon were determined. The existence of the .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6542.1000109

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