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Sam Omeje


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    Effectiveness of The Mass Media Campaigns Against Environmental Degradation in Nigeria (A Study of Enugu State)
    Author(s): Ikechukwu Nnadiukwu and Sam OmejeIkechukwu Nnadiukwu and Sam Omeje

    The study was aimed at ascertaining the effects of Mass Media campaigns against environmental degradation in Nigeria; Enugu State was used as a test case for the study. Survey research method was adopted for the study which covered the 17 Local Government Areas of the State. In all, 385 people were randomly sampled from a 2017 projected population 4,534,611 for the State. These were however, purposively, drawn from among those aged 18 and above. This was done to ensure that the questionnaire was given only to people mature enough to appreciate the essence of environment sustainable living. Existing literature related to the topic were reviewed. We framed the study on a combination of Mass Media theories; the Planed Behaviour, Value Change and Manifestation of Media Effect theories. It was discovered that the mass media campaigns are effective but not.. Read More»

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