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    Assessment of the Water Quality of Bizerte Lagoon of Tunisia by Use of Statistical Analyses
    Author(s): Jamila H, Mouldi B and Moncef GJamila H, Mouldi B and Moncef G

    The purpose of this study is to provide a better understanding of the impact of different sources of stress (natural and human related) on water quality in a coastal lagoon (Bizerte, Tunisia). Impacts have been assessed through both surface and bottom water samples that were analysed for a range of chemical parameters. Results indicate that nutrient concentrations were generally high throughout the column especially during the rainy season. This period generally corresponds to intensive vertical mixing and massive discharge from rivers inflows. Concentrations were generally relatively high at the surface. The data structure is identified by the first three principal components explaining 68% of the total variance. Cluster analysis showed two different groups of similarity between the sampling sites reflecting the different physico-chemical characteristics and pollution levels of the s.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2157-7587.1000237

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