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    MicroRNA as Upcoming Biomarkers for Psychiatric Conditions
    Author(s): Anoop Narahari, Mariyah Hussain and Venkatesh SreeramAnoop Narahari, Mariyah Hussain and Venkatesh Sreeram

    Neural derived exosomes can be used as a diagnostic marker to screen various psychiatric conditions. These intravenously injected exosomes carry the potential to cross the blood brain barrier and deliver miRNA specifically to neurons, microglia, and oligodendrocytes in the brain, resulting in a specific gene knockdown. MicroRNAs have been identified as markers in depression where miR-16 has been found to be a negative regulator of the serotonin transporter (SERT) through computer analysis. Futhermore, where miR 134 levels in bipolar disorder have been discovered to be inversely correlated with severity of manic symptoms; manipulating expression or activity of miR-219 can prove as a therapeutic tool for schizophrenia. Despite these studies, the exact nature and extent of dysregulation of microRNAs in psychiatric disorders is yet to be determined. To realize the therapeutic potential of.. Read More»

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