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Genard Hajdini

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    The Institute of Public Health in Albania: Institutional Learning Survey
    Author(s): Genard HajdiniGenard Hajdini

    The Institute of Public Health (IPH) in Tirana, Albania and its Department of Epidemiology of Non-Infectious Disease and Health Systems: Policy and Programs; received an overall average score of 2.94 from 3.2 that was in IBM Global CEO Study average of 756 interviewed managers. There were nine people who were interviewed, although the IPH has over 200 employees overall. Most of the people who were interviewed shared their concerns in some of the following anonymous comments: “More innovation is needed, publications, international cooperation. Healthcare is going in the bad direction; we need better management of it”. Another one says: “We are not interconnected, everyone does on his own head, and these do not serve in meeting the objectives.” The fourth person says: “We need to work hard in order to achieve results; this is done through cooperation of var.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2380-5439.1000148

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