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Chuka Enuka


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    Foreign Military Intervention in Libya: An Analysis of the Just War Principles of Jus Ad Bellum and Jus in Bello
    Author(s): Chuka Enuka and Nwambu ChiemelaChuka Enuka and Nwambu Chiemela

    Conflicts in the post-cold war era have taken new dimensions. Unlike the preceding periods, most of the postcold war conflicts are intra-state in nature giving rise to large scale killings and humanitarian abuses of the extent that shock the conscience of mankind. These situations have equally led to new responses in the form of armed humanitarian interventions. The Libyan crisis of 2011 represents one among the many intra-state conflicts that define the character of the post-cold war world. The acclaimed political emergencies occasioned by the Libyan violent eruption, necessitated the imperative for the NATO-led foreign military intervention to quell the crisis and restore order in the country. Both the NATO led intervention in Libya and the principle on which it was executed have continued to generate varied interpretations and controversies. Adopting the just war theory which featu.. Read More»

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