Entrepreneurship & Organization Management

ISSN: 2169-026X

Open Access

Volume 10, Issue 10 (2021)

Research Pages: 1 - 2

Women Work from Home during Pandemic Covid -19 Conflict/Convenient

Priyatosh Mishra*

DOI: 10.37421/2169-026X.2021.10.333

A cross sectional study has been conducted among 81 working women to assess their convenience of work from home option during this lockdown period. The questionnaire has been sent through email and whatsapp link. Responses have revealed that 72% of the women feel workplace will be more convenient when compared to home even though there are lot of support from family members and higher officials. This lockdown period has initiated the use of many communication technologies which many were not aware of.

Research Pages: 1 - 5

Understanding the gender preference on the motivation of informal entrepreneurs: The southwest, Nigeria scenario

John Kling*

DOI: 10.37421/2169-026X.2021.10.332

The gain of entrepreneurial practice has been the alleviation of poverty along with the reduction of unemployment in every economy. Various studies have embarked on the practice of entrepreneurship intent amidst other needs but the scarcity in the line of motivation has been a dredge in the entrepreneurial literature. To this end, this study responds to the need to venture into more data on the gender preference on the informal entrepreneur participation using the electronics market in a developing nation for the study. The study employed the use of the gatekeeper to employ the quantitative technique, using T-test analysis to riddle the involved patterns of discussion in the selected electronics market, southwest Nigeria. The two-sample showed that 435 male participants were found to be socially motivated (M =3.8587 SD = .63775) compared to the 109 female participants in the selected informal market (3.3965, SD = .76449). From the study result, it was also posited that the involvement of informal entrepreneurship in the electronics market was not a gender-based effect but a social drive as needed which needed to be infused for sustainable development in the nation. The study clearly shows that there are lapses on gender-based comparison in the informal entrepreneurship and thus a need to fill the gap.

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