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Volume 4, Issue 3 (2019)

Awards 2020 Pages: 1 - 2

Awards Announcement for MIDWIFERY-CONGRESS-2020

James Okeya

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2020 Conference Announcement Pages: 1 - 1

International Congress on Scientific and Technological Advancements in Midwifery

James Okeya

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2020 Conference Announcement Pages: 0 - 0

Global Nursing Education 2020 scheduled at Hanoi, Vietnam during 03-04 August, 2020

Dr. Vahideh Nasr

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Research Article Pages: 1 - 3

Assess the Knowledge Regarding Risk Factors of Gastritis among Second Year Engineering Students

S Shweta Fating and Ranjana Sharma

Background: Gastritis is a common medical problem among young adults due to certain factors like lifestyle, food pattern, stress, personal habits etc. The condition is diagnosed in as many as 10% of patients seeking emergency medical help for abdominal pain. Objectives: To assess the knowledge regarding risk factor of gastritis among second year engineering student in selected colleges. To associate the knowledge score regarding gastritis with selected demographic variables. Materials and methods: An exploratory descriptive study was undertaken to assess the knowledge regarding risk factors of gastritis among 2nd year engineering students at Datta Meghe Institute of Engineering, Technology and Research, Wardha. The sample was selected using a purposive sampling method. In this study a total number of 100 students who fulfilled the inclusion criteria were selected. To assess their knowledge a self-structured questionnaire was developed. Results: The study findings 18 (18%) were having average level of knowledge score, 65 (65%) were having good level of knowledge score, 17 (17%) were having very good level of knowledge score, 0(0%) were having very excellent of knowledge score regarding risk factors of gastritis. The overall knowledge was good among second year engineering students. There is significant association found between knowledge score with selected demographic variable such as age, dietary pattern, place of stay and specific heath risk behavior. Conclusion: This study was done to assess the knowledge regarding risk factors of gastritis among second year engineering students. The results showed that out of 100 students (majority) 65% were having the good knowledge regarding risk factors of gastritis. However, demographic factors like age, dietary pattern, place of stay and specific heath risk behavior, shown significant association with knowledge scores.

Research Article Pages: 1 - 7

Effectiveness of Video Teaching on Basic Life Support Knowledge and its Retention among Non-health Professional Students at the University of Rwanda

Jean de Dieu Kayumba, Bussisiwe Rosemary Bhengu and Florence Mukarugwiza

Background: If basic life support is initiated early, chances of rescuing the victim increase. The study intends to decrease the chances of cardiac arrest outside the hospital.

Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of video teaching on basic life support knowledge, attitude and its retention among non-health professional students at the University of Rwanda.

Method: A quantitative quasi-experimental study of 382 students attend video teaching education session and sat for pre, post and after three months knowledge retention test, conducted at the University of Rwanda. Inferential statistics analyzed using paired T test at a level of 95% of confidence interval, (p value of <0.05).

Results: There was a significant increase in the total score (p<0.0001) from mean total of pretest of 9.102% to 79.420%. Participants performed significantly better in all items of our questionnaire both in posttest and three months later, there was a none significant regression of mean total percentage from 79.420 % to 77.145% after three months probable due to memory lapse.

Conclusion: Non-health profession students attending video teaching on BLS course have a significantly improved BLS performance post session and after 3 months knowledge performance.

Research Article Pages: 1 - 4

Effectiveness of Role Play on Knowledge Regarding Personal Hygiene among School going Children at Selected School, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Singh S, Das N and Sahoo P

For kids, maintenance of personal hygiene helps to enhance the standard of life and longevity. Hygiene springs from “Hygeia” the divinity of health in Greek mythology. Hygiene is one in every of the important a part of life. one in every of the foremost effective ways in which we’ve to safeguard ourselves from sickness is nice personal hygiene. Personal hygiene facilitates to prevent/reduce kid mortality from communicable diseases, injuries and different health issues by implementing the academic programme, health education. A interventional study was beneath taken to find out the level of knowledge relating to personal hygiene, measure the effectiveness of role play on knowledge relating to personal hygiene among school going kids and To verify the association between the pre-test knowledge score with selected socio-demographic variables. The abstract framework adopted for the study was supported the modified Widen back clinical nursing theory (1964). In this study purposive sampling techniques was accustomed choose a hundred school going children (10-12 years) who are meeting the sampling criteria. Descriptive and inferential statistics were accustomed to analyze knowledge within the study. Chi square was taken to seek out the association between levels of data with socio-demographic variables. The finding of the study unconcealed that the role play relating to personal hygiene was vital wherever the “t” value was 23.799. The study concluded that the role play was a best method for improve the knowledge of kids relating to personal hygiene.

Research Article Pages: 1 - 3

Public Image of Nursing

Mohammad Salem

This paper addresses some of the major outcomes from the previous seminal discussions about the challenges
faced by nurses towards the dispensation of their professional responsibilities. It is widely apparent that nursing
environment has changed over time since its institutions by Florence Nightingale in the mid-1840s. However, such
changes have tainted the profession with more negative perception thereby exposing more challenges faced by
nurses. Therefore, the author sought to address such challenges together with the potential solutions for an improved
image and an enhanced healthcare service delivery.

Short Communication Pages: 1 - 1

Contemporary Issues in Nursing Profession

Mohammad Salem

This article sought to examine the contemporary challenges that affect nursing profession. The inquiry emanates
from the recent report published by the World Health Organization that indicted that the number of students enrolling
for nursing program has declined. Many other scholars have also identified that nurses faces many challenges
in their professional line of work which range from leadership to remuneration and risky work environment. Such
challenges continue to increase with the increasing health demands among many individuals and hence the need to
present an insight into the issue for improved healthcare system.

Research Article Pages: 1 - 5

Communication Skills Effectiveness between Healthcare Providers and Patients in Cancer Care Centers in Lebanon

Mohammad Salem and Hasan Sadek

Objectives: This study was designed to assess the effect of healthcare providers’ communication skills in the satisfaction and outcomes of cancer patients in cancer care centers in Lebanon.

Methods: This cross sectional quantitative study was conducted in five different cancer care centers in Lebanon. Two hundred and twenty participants across all the five selected centers were asked to take part in the study by filling the 16-item questionnaire. Data was collected within two months, from May to July 2018.

Results: Two hundred and nine questionnaires (95% response rate) were completed and used in the analysis. Out of the 47.4% of the cancer patients who expressed satisfactions with their consultations with the doctors, only 34% recognized that such consultations were useful. Further, more than 55% of the patients do not understand the medical terms used by doctors and are hence less satisfied with the consultations. This study has also confirmed that most cancer patients consider communication to be more significant at the pretreatment phase.

Conclusion: We have established that the healthcare practitioners, especially doctors, still use technical language and terminologies that discomfort the cancer patients and thus hamper their satisfaction and better outcome. Moreover, the demographic factors such as level of education also contribute to patients’ satisfaction with caregivers’ communication skills.

Research Article Pages: 1 - 3

Cholera in Yemen: The Role of Nurses in Curbing the Challenge

Mohammad Salem

This article seeks to address the debilitating challenge of cholera in Yemen and the space of nurses in curbing
the burden. Cholera in an infectious disease that easily spreads in unhygienic conditions though ingestion of human
waste-contaminated food stuffs. The developing nations are at steeper slope of falling the eruption of cholera and
Yemen is already overburdened. In 2017 alone, over 2000 deaths were reported in Yemen despite the governmental,
non-governmental and intergovernmental collaborative efforts to improve health burdens and meet the Standard
Development Goals of 2030. The outbreak of cholera in Yemen is common due to the persistent conflicts and
political violence that disrupts the healthcare service delivery. Nurses and midwives are thus left at the center of the
play to operate by the nursing care theories and models to improve the situation despite the challenges that thwarted
the efforts of other healthcare providers

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