Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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Cholera in Yemen: The Role of Nurses in Curbing the Challenge


Mohammad Salem

This article seeks to address the debilitating challenge of cholera in Yemen and the space of nurses in curbing
the burden. Cholera in an infectious disease that easily spreads in unhygienic conditions though ingestion of human
waste-contaminated food stuffs. The developing nations are at steeper slope of falling the eruption of cholera and
Yemen is already overburdened. In 2017 alone, over 2000 deaths were reported in Yemen despite the governmental,
non-governmental and intergovernmental collaborative efforts to improve health burdens and meet the Standard
Development Goals of 2030. The outbreak of cholera in Yemen is common due to the persistent conflicts and
political violence that disrupts the healthcare service delivery. Nurses and midwives are thus left at the center of the
play to operate by the nursing care theories and models to improve the situation despite the challenges that thwarted
the efforts of other healthcare providers


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