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Yeimpact of Demographic Profile on Toothpaste Buying behavior in Bangalore City

Globalization and the Implications of the techno-cultural Economy for the Developing Nations

Protecting Human Rights of Nigerian Migrants: the case of Migrants? Remittances Enterprise for sustainable development in Nigeria

The relationship between Organizational Structure and Employees? Empowerment in National Iranian oil products distribution Company

Community Conference as a conflict resolution Approach in the community banking system in Nigeria: Implications for rural finance institutions Management

Pan-Africanism and Pan-Arabism in Africa: the thesis, the -anti thesis and Imperative for Synthesis

Perception of Employees Regarding Implementation of Corporate Governance: A study of Textile Industry, Lahore Pakistan)

Obstacles to Malaria control policy in Nigeria: An assessment of the Impact of Counterfeit Drugs and Regulatory Policies

Modeling Local Government System in Nigeria

New Dimension in the Mobilization of WAQF funds for Educational Development

Study on Gender-bias and Social Security of Asians in Australia: Case study of Indian Women Professionals

Group 20 (fifth) and Global Issues and Challenges

The Laws and Administration of Retirement in Nigeria: a Historical Approach

Surveying the Role of Ethical Climate on Job Satisfaction in Iran?s Small and Medium Enterprises

An ARDL Approach to the Determinants of Nonperforming Loans in Islamic

Islamic Banking in Iran - Progress and challenges

Impact of Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) on Employee Commitment

Non-Governmental Universities Role in Scientific Development of Iran

Program Administration: A reflection on the Dynamics of Program Implementation and Evaluation in Nigeria

Entrepreneurial Intention: Does Malaysian Secondary School Provides the Platform?

Refocusing the Federal Civil Service: The Role of the Head of Service

Preserving Federalism, Local Autonomy in a Resource Dependent Rural State: A Case of Nigeria

The Approach of FIQH to Islamic Economic System: The Role of Muslim Scholars

Micro-Finance: Is it a Myth or Reality?


Causes and Effects of Delays in Large Construction Projects of Pakistan


Evaluate the Factors Affecting Brand Equity from the Perspective of Customers Using Aaker\'s Model

Potential of Waste Based Biomass Cogeneration for Malaysia Energy Sector

Effect of Mergers on Technical and Scale Efficiency of Banks: Two Cases of Pakistan Bank Mergers

Transformational Leadership Style and Innovative Behavior on Innovative Climate at SMES in Iran

Factors Attracting FDI Inflow in China

Relation between Organizational Structure and Organizational Entrepreneurship (Case study: Manufacturing Companies in the West of Mazandaran province)

Long-Haul Travel Attitude Construct and Relationship to Behavior (The Case of Rasht Travelers)

Comparative Study of Lean and Agile Supply Chain Management along with the Optimal Model Presentation Of Agile Supply Chain Management

Knowledge Sharing Behavior of The Students: Comparative Study of LUMS and COMSATS

Evaluation of Prevalence and Diversity of Learning Disorders Among Elementary School Students in Rasht City


The Nigerian Stock Market and Oil Price: A Cointegration Analysis

Evaluation of Effective Factors to Improve Productivity Transport System in Domestic Manufacturing Companies

Prospect of Nano-Electronics Material for Marine Energy Production

Organizational Learning and Organizational Innovation

Issues in Nigerian Fiscal Federalism; The Relationship Between the Principle of derivation and Resource Control.

Organizational Learning and Organizational Innovation

Public-Private Partnership in Nigeria: The Challenges of Human Relations Management

Socio- Economic Problems of Farmers in Pakistan: Focused Area Tauluka Pano Akil District Sukkur

Investigate the Relationship between Readiness Level Managers to Implement Total Quality Management With Organizational Culture and Effectiveness of Managers

Gender Differences, Service Quality and Customer loyalty in Choice of Mobile Telecommunication Industry in Sierra Leone.

Subsidy in the downstream oil sector and the fate of the Masses in Nigeria

How FDI Influences Economy Development of Eastern Europe

Theories of Poverty: A Comparative Analysis

The Domestic and International Implications of Fuel Subsidy Removal Crisis in Nigeria

Focusing beyond the Stigma of Bureaucratic Inefficiency to buiding a Competence base Bureaucracy in Nigeria: The Imperative of Training.

Relevance of Entrepreneurial Proactiveness on Business Performance: Nigerian Companies Experience

The Nigerian Stock Market and Oil Price: A Cointegration Analysis

Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Technique To Evaluate and Selecting Suppliers in an Effective Supply Chain

Exploring the Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Human Resources Productivity Enhancement

The Political Economy of the Proposed Islamic Banking And Finance In Nigeria: Prospects And Challenges

An Analysis of Microfinance and Poverty Reduction in Bayelsa State of Nigeria


Classifying the Effective Factors on Productivity of Human Resources by Using AHP and TOPSIS Methods

The Assessment of Charter Schools

Nature and Extent Of Procurement Management Relationships Between The Provincial Government of The Eastern Cape and The Building Industry

Comparative Analysis of Conventional Versus Modern Appraisal Systems: An Empirical Evidence From Telecom Sector of Pakistan

Employee Commitment And Their Performance Are Interrelated: A Behavioral Study from Pakistan

Exploring the Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Human Resources Productivity Enhancement

An Analysis of Microfinance and Poverty Reduction in Bayelsa State of Nigeria


Classifying the Effective Factors on Productivity of Human Resources by Using AHP and TOPSIS Methods

The Assessment of Charter Schools

Nature and Extent of Procurement Management Relationships Between the Provincial Government of the Eastern Cape and the Building Industry

Employee Commitment and Their Performance are Interrelated: A Behavioral Study from Pakistan

Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Technique To Evaluate and Selecting Suppliers in an Effective Supply Chain

Supply Chain Elements that affects the retail sales of electronic goods in the Oman region



The north and political economy of Nigeria revenue Allocation in Nigeria

Efficient Market Hypothesis : A Historical Perspective( A study of Nigerian Capital Market)

Liquidity and Risk Analysis of Islamic Banking System during Global Financial Crises

The organizations having high level of glass ceiling, has Lower productivity due to lack of Employee Commitment

The effect of creative accounting On the job performance of accountants (auditors) in Reporting financial statement in Nigeria

The Entrepreneurship of Resource Opportunity

Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and Employment Generation in Nigeria: The Role of Finance

Management control systems and performance: Essay of Modelling

Retail ownership influences on consumer Buying Prefrencec An Emperical study of Indian consumer

Legislative Efficiency and Democratic Stability in the fourth republic Governance and Politics of Nigeria: a re-appraisal of national Assembly


The impact of job enrichment and job enlargement on Employee satisfaction keeping employee performance as Intervening variable: a correlational study from Pakistan

A conceptual study about legal and illegal abortion Circumstances in Pakistan and is effects on the social ethics of the society

Revisiting science education and national Development: Nigerian situation and the way forward

The conundrum and contradictions of human resource Administration in contemporary Nigerian civil service: a focus on Enugu state civil service commission

Gender gap and its implication on management practice: a Lesson from Nigerian banking sector

Risk management in the Nigerian banking industry

Selecting Risk Modelling Approaches with the Analytic Hierarchy Process : the treatment of hidric basins in the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Investing of the relationship of assets on the stock Returns of accepted companies in Tehran valuable sheet\\\'s stock exchange

Long run relationship between private investment and monetary policy in Nigeria

Ten years of research in Accounting, Controlling and Audit in Morocco: a bibliographical approach.

Relationship between foreign direct investment inflow, sub-Sahara Africa and Nigeria economic development

Inflation targeting and monetary policy instruments: Evidence from Nigerian and Ghana

Wavelet-Based Beta Estimation: Applications to Indian Stock Market

Globalization and Implications on Arab Markets: A Survey of Travel Industry Executives

Evaluation of Proper Parenting of Difficult Children and its Counseling Implication

Evaluation of Counseling Effectiveness on Students Study Habit Differentials and Academic Achievements

Evaluation of Students’ Perception of School Counseling and Their Attitudes toward its Programs

Appraisal of Students’ Perception on Population Control and Implications for Counseling

Leadership Styles and Qualifications for Emergency Medical Service Managers

Using Facebook for Political Action? Social Networking Sites and Political Participation of Young Adults

Why Public Policy Management

Comparative Analysis of Factors Influencing Career Choices among Senior Secondary School Students in Rivers State, Nigeria

Arab Knowledge Sharing in a Multicultural Workforce: A Dual Case Study in the UAE

Sustainable Customer Service as Success Factor in the Airline Sector

Continuous Innovation and Improvement of the Supply Chain an Organisational and Methodological Approach

Market Orientation of Saudi Banking Sector by MKTOR Market Orientation Measure Scale

Relationship between Earnings Quality and External Audit Quality: Evidences from US and French Companies

To Whom Do Business Managers Owe Service?

A New Approach Factor- Entropy Analysis Method Application to Business Costs in SMEs of Shanghai Model

A Cyclic Model for Knowledge Management Capability-A Review Study

The Influence of Culture Traits and their Imbalance on Employee Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions

Pension Scheme in Nigeria: History, Problems and Prospects

Teachers’ Perception of the Roles of Guidance Counsellors in Secondary Schools in Rivers State

Study on Total Quality Management for Competitive Advantage in International Business

Global FDI: Issues and Challenges

Perceived Entrepreneurial Competency

Variety in the Rules of Islamic Financial Institutions

Career Counselling Needs for Women in Rivers State

Organisations, Individuals as Employees, Individuals as Consumers and the Relationships Between them

The Upshot of Autonomy and Efficiency of Urban Water Service Providers in Uganda and Tanzania

Professional Competency among School and Non-School Counsellors in Rivers State, Nigeria

VAT and Income Taxing Condominium Corporations in the Philippines: A Critical Analysis of BIR Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 65-2012 and 9-2013

Internalizing the Corporate Social Responsibility through Strategic Operations Management

Impact of Rewards and Leadership on the Employee Engagement in Conventional Banking Sector of Southern Punjab

Outcomes of Triggers and Processes of Entrepreneurial Competency

Factors Affecting the Consumers Attitude towards Internet Induced Viral Marketing Techniques

Impact of Decentralized Decision Making on Firm’s Performance

The Role of Financial Engineering in the Growth of the Financial Market

Political Uncertainty and Stock Bank Volatility in the Golf Countries

Impact of Liquidity Risk on Firm Specific Factors: A Case of Islamic Banks of Pakistan

Editorial Note on Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review

Market Orientation and Organizational Performance: Case of Pakistani SMEs

Calculating the Expected Time to Control the Recruitment When System Fails

Marketing Communication through Social Media: A Exploratory Case Study of SMEs in Pakistan

Impact of Leadership Style on Organization Performance: A Critical Literature Review

Faith-based Organizations and Development Initiatives: The August Meeting Experience in South-East Nigeria

Financial Inclusion and Social Change

Islamic Finance in Favor to Development and Economic Growth: An Illustration of the Principle of Zakat

Effect of Leadership Style on Employee Performance

SME’s Death by Regulations: An Investigation into the Qualifications and Skills Required in the SME Financial Sector

HR Audit: Auditing HR Practices of Public and Private Companies

Brics Countries

The Parabolic Omnipotence of Research Education

Improving Collaboration of Bali Cattle Supply Chain and Its Impact on Cattle Farmer Income in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Challenges and Expectations of Retirees in Rivers State, Nigeria: Implications for Career Counseling

Revealed Comparative Advantage and Competitiveness: A Study on BRICS

Migration and National Development: A Comparative Analysis of the Attitude of the First Generation South-East Nigeria Migrants and the New Generation

The Mediating Role of Risk Perception among Cognitive Biases towards Decision to Start a New Venture

The Time-varying Reponses of Saudi Arabia Economy to Workers Remittance Outflows Shocks

Factors Impacting Leadership Effectiveness: A Literature Review

Professional Competencies and Organizational Modernity in Emerging Economies: A Comparative Study between Taiwan and Brazil

Financial Inclusion in India: Shifting the Base towards Crowning Glory

Self Esteem Among Private and Public Secondary Schools Students in Rivers State: Implications for Counseling

Impact of Micro Credit on Household Income of Women in Madurai District, Tamil Nadu-A Study

Halal Assurance for Islamic Capital Market: The Accountability of Shariah Auditors

Role of E-communication in Healthcare: Sustainable Healthcare Solution

Counselors and Teachers Ranking of Factors Causing Truancy Among Secondary School Students in Rivers State, Nigeria

Monetary Policy and Financial Stability: Empirical Evidence from South Mediterranean Countries

Organisational Change Agents and (Un)wanted and (Un)intended Outcomes

Liquidity Risk Management: A Comparative Study between Islamic and Conventional Banks

Loneliness as Mediator between Job Satisfaction and Intention to Leave: A Study on Prison Staff in Turkey

The Effect of Elements of Service Marketing Mix on Brand Equity, from the Customers Point of View (Case Study: Branches of Melli Bank in Hamadan)

The Influences of Employee Job Satisfaction an Organizational Commitment on Turnover Intention

Achievement of Quality, Productivity for Market through Kaizen Implementation in Ethiopia

Trust among Co-workers and its Impact on Hospitality Sector: An Empirical Study of Chandigarh Region

Analysis of Landlord Administrative Model on the Ship Owners/ Nigeria Port Authority Relationship

The Relationship between Elements of Marketing Mix and Brand Equity

Holistic Sustainability View and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of Gunes Sigortas Micro Credit Integrated Micro Insurance Project

A Study on the Changing Trends in the Flow of FDI

An Optimal Ordering Decision-making Model with Random Demand Under Carbon Constraint

Investigating Total Quality Management: The Case of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Northern Cyprus

Reward Systems in the Public Universities in Kenya: Implication on Retention of Teaching Staff

Optimal Portfolio Construction: An Empirical Study on Selected Mutual Funds

A Comparative Study of the Influence of Derivatives on Bank Stability in Emerging and Recently Developed Countries: Evidence from the Last Financial Crisis

The Volatility of Oil Prices: What Factors?

Selecting Different Industrial Competitors Influence the Risk Level of Viet Nam Hardware Companies

Capacity Building and Supportive Infrastructural Network for Rural Entrepreneurial Development in Kwara State

The Impacts of Guerrilla Marketing on Consumers Buying Behavior: A Case of Beverage Industry of Karachi

Is it Ethical to allow Product Placement in Films?

Impact of Human Resources Development and Employees Performance in Central Bank of Nigeria (2007-2014)

GCC Stock Market Financial Centre Determinants and Classification with FAM Financial Attractiveness Model

Changing Corporate Tax Policy Impacts on the Risk Level of Vietnam Electric Power Firms

What Todays World Demands from Us

Unleadership: A Case Study in Destructive Micromanagement

The Influence of Leadership Development Program on Leaders Performance for Mid-level Administrators in ARAMCO-KSA

Impact of Customer Self Concept and Life Style on Luxury Goods Purchases: A Case of Females of Karachi

Identify The Need for Developing a New Service Quality Model in Todays Scenario: A Review of Service Quality Models

Impact of Firm Specific Factors on Capital Structure based on Trade off Theory and Pecking Order Theory - An Empirical Study of the Tehrans Stock Market Companies

To Rise or not: Prospective Africas Outbound Tourism Business Trajectory and Mega Sports Events: A Case of Qatar 2022 World Cup

Financial and Economic Evaluation of Cotton Production in New Halfa Agricultural Corporation, Kassala State, Sudan (1981/1982-2009/2010)

Evaluating Risks in Public-Private Partnerships: The Case of Portuguese Road Sector

The Effect of Social Capital on Opportunity Recognition in Entrepreneurs as Mediated by the Social Network: A Case of Managers in the Science and Technology Park of the University of Tehran

Integration between Sheep Markets in the Sudan: A Multivariate Approach

Emotional Intelligence and Work Life Balance of Employees in the Information Technology Industry

A Perceptioanl Study on the Association of Technology and Workers Performance

Mediating Role of Organizational and Behavioral Factors between Vision and Retention Cognition of Knowledge Workers

Leadership Potential of Business School Students Using Leadership Profile Indicator

Impact of Intellectual Capital on Carrefour Internal Growth Strategies (Ansoffs Model) in Irbid

Security in Computing

Ethnic Relations in Malaysia: Harmony and Conflict

Masyarakat Saintifik Dalam Binaan: Renungan Dan Pemikiran (Malay Version)

An Analysis of the Effects of Informal Capital Market on the Nigerian Economic Growth

Evaluation of Total Factor Productivity of Sudanese Sugar Company Farms: A Non-parametric Analysis 1999-2007

Impact of Social Media Applications on Small Business Entrepreneurs

Organizational Culture and Workplace Spirituality

A Study of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Manufacturing Industry in India: An Emerging Economic Opportunity of GDP Growth and Challenges

What are Medical Students Doing Online?- A Study in Kolkata, India

Gendered Gatekeeping Dynamics and ICT: Sustaining Segregation through Digital Proxy and Surveillance in a Saudi University

Eliminating Muda (Waste) in Lean Management by Working Time Standardization

Devising a Business Model of Amazons 1995-2004 Journey

Science and Belief: Discourses on New Perceptions

Discuss the Banking Regulatory and Market Framework in Kuwait Using SWOT Analysis

Case Study as a Method for Scope Definition

Level of Stress among Students Studying in Higher Education Institutes (HEIs)in Dubai

The Financial-Economic Culture is Killing Labour: The Root of the Problem

Bank Finance Challenges Faced by UAE SME Sector

Training and Post Training Evaluation for Employee Effectiveness: An Empirical Study on Supermarket in India

Investigation of Hospital Accreditation Awareness and Organizational Learning Promotion from Nursing Staff Perspective

Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions in Gulf Cooperation Council Countries since Year 2000 Impact and Imperatives

Banks Performance in KSA during Financial Distress: A Comparative Study Islamic and Conventional Banks

The Church and Warfare in the Face of Book Haram Insurgency in Nigeria: The Way Forward

Impact of Merger and Acquisitions on the Financial Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

The Impact of Advertisement on Buying Behavior of the Children

Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions in Bangladesh: A Preliminary Study

Effect of Profitability and Financial Leverage on Capita Structure in Pakistan Textile Firms

Are the investments simultaneously in Indian Equity market and frontier equity markets provides diversification? (A case study of south Asian countries)

Study on Eco-management in Farming Enterprises in Bulgaria

The Role of Rewards in Improving the Performance of Customer Service in Government Sector

Protecting the Nigerian Consumer: An Expository Examination of the Role of Consumer Protection Council

The Antecedents of Plagiarism in Higher Education: Support Tools for Teaching Staff

Customer Satisfaction and Technology in Banking-A Scenario of Udaipur City

The Family-Work Conflict: A GSS/NO approach

How To Keep the Talent You Have Got; Constructing Factors Related to Worker Retention

Growth of Islamic Banking in Pakistan

Relevance of Best Human Resource Practices for the Armed Forces

Examining the Impact of Social Media on Internet Banking

Drivers of Financial Inclusion to Reach Out Poor

Evolution of Ideas with in the Business Strategy from Historical Perspective

The Helicopter Money "Windfall" and the Wizard of Oz

Is there too much Emphasis Placed on Specific Skills Knowledge When Recruiting?

Retail Banking: A Business in Deep Transformation

What is the Role for Civil Society, State Institutions, Entrepreneurs and Non State Actors After the Arab Spring?

Moral Leadership in a Troubled World-A Transformative Model

A Customer Satisfaction Based Approach for New Product Development Method

The Relationship between Managers’ Cognitive Style and Their Leadership Type as Moderated by Organizational Culture

Global Banking Sector - Challenges and Solutions

Approach of Information Provision for High Resolution Production Control

The "Speculative" Political Bubble

Politics, Economics and Academy the Crossroads of History

Impact of Customer Value, Public Relations Perception and Brand Image on Customer Loyalty in Services Sector of Pakistan

Agency Problems, Product Market Competition and Dividend Policies in Pakistan

Students’ Understanding of the Job Market and the Resources Available to Them to Land Their First Job: An Example

A Short Review of SCM in the Arab World’s Organizations, Universities and Research

International Branding Strategies of Global Companies: A Case Study of Sony Ericson

Talent Management among Adolescents in Madurai City

Attitude of Pakistan’s Individual Investor towards Risk during Bull and Bear Markets

Leadership Effectiveness in Higher Education Institutions: The IPA Approach

West Bengal -A Tourist Destination Comparative Analysis of Bengal Tourism Business Model with Kerala & Gujarat

Creating Model Economy: African Building Knowledge from Global Champions

China and Africa: Rebranding the People to People Relations

Earnings Management and Board Characteristics: Evidence from French Listed Firms

Petroleum Refining: Planning Under Uncertainty

Signs of the Times: An Anthropological Crisis

The Impact of Strategic Management on the Performance of Health Care Organizations (A Study of Three Selected Tertiary Health Care Center of Karachi, Pakistan)

Effects of Green Marketing Strategy on the Financial and Non-Financial Performance of Firms: A Conceptual Paper

The Impact of Financial and Moral Incentives on Organizational Performance: A Study of Nigerian Universities

An Assessment of Handicraft Sector of J&K with Reference to Central Kashmir

Investigating the Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behavior among Beni Suef Cement Company Employees

Effect of Working Capital Management on the Performance of Food and Beverage Industries in Nigeria

Organizational Intervention in a Sugar Mill Located in the State of Veracruz, Mexico

The Impact of Foreign Workers, Outflow Remittances on Economic Growth in Selected GCC Countries: ARDL Approach

Impact of Structural Firm characteristics on Business Performance of SMEs: Evidence from agribusiness firms in Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Dynamics Obstructing Public Financial Management, Good Governance and Accountability in South Africa

How Working Capital Affects the Profitability of Commercial Banks: Case of Afriland Cameroon

The Effect of Corporate Cash Holdings on Stock Returns

Determinant of the Post Adoption Behaviour of Small Scale Farmers: Evident of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Practices in Indonesia

Investigation the Effect of Income Smoothing and Auditor’s Opinion on the Financial Bankruptcy of Companies Listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange

Is 49% FDI is Sufficient in Insurance in India

Role of Constitution in Women Empowerment in Corporate Sector

Effect of Major Macroeconomic Determinants on the Progress of Pakistan

The Relationship Between Physical Exercise and Job Performance: The Mediating Effects of Subjective Health and Good Mood

The Five Competitive Forces of the Insurance and Pension Funds Industry for the Angolan Case

The Deceptive and Unwanted Gas Liberalization Process in Russia

Determinants of Consumer Attitude towards E-Tailing in Indian Retail Sector: A Study on Factors of Technological Acceptance Model (TAM)

Aquarium Service Design for Innovating Customer Value Constellation-Using Grounding Theory (QSR NVIVO)

An Evaluation of Government Policies on Poverty Eradication: A Case Study of NAPEP in Ogbadibo LGA of Benue State

Reconnection to your Ancestral Origin: A Case Study of Bimbia Slave Trade Village

The Negative Environmental Effect of the Guinness Mount Cameroon Race: A Case study of Buea Subdivision

Strategies for Long Term Investment by Non-Life Insurance Companies in India

The Effect of Strategic Leadership, Organization Innovativeness, Information Technology Capability on Effective Strategy Implementation: A Study of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

Impact of Corporate Governance on Firm's Financial Performance (A Comparative Study of Developed and Non Developed Markets)

Study the Impact of Change Management on Neyshabour Municipality

The Causes of Tunisian SME Failure

Business Valuation Based on Assets Replacement Cost

Decentralization and Water Service Delivery in Dar es Salaam

Analysis of a Pro-Poor-Program for Welfare Conditions of Households in Rwanda

Microfinance Products and Enterpreneurship: Analysis of Financial Needs for Socio Economic Development of TUGENDANE N'IGIHE Sacco Clients; Rwanda

Role of ECA’s (Extra Curricular Activities) in Personality Development: A Case Study of University Students

The Mediating Effect of Time Management on the Relationship between Knowledge Management and Organization Performance Comparison Between local and the International NGOs

The Attractiveness of the Territory via the Place Marketing Case of the International Festival of Nomads: M'hamid El Ghizlane–Zagora-Morocco

Factor Influencing the Purchase Intension of Consumer While Purchasing Second-Hand Products in Pakistan

The Sector of Handicrafts and its Share in Indian Economy

Disaster Prevention Measures for Building Safety Communities: Using the Collapse of the Weiguan Jinlong Residential Complex from the 0206 Tainan Earthquake as an Example

Multi Attribute User Profile Inference Model for Improved Customer Relation Management

Approaches to Formulating Business Strategy: A Review

Impact of International Oil Crisis 2014-2016 over Enlisted Marketing Oil Companies Share Prices of Pakistan Stock Exchange

Impact of Working Capital Management on Small and Medium Enterprises' Performance in Nigeria

Challenges at Competitive and Sustainable Development of the Vine and Wine Sector and the Production of Beer in Bulgaria

Strong vs. Weak Organizational Culture: Assessing the Impact on Employee Motivation

The Effect of Geographical Factors on Absorbing Foreign Investment with an Emphasis on Health Tourism (Case Study: Spa in Damavand)

What Had India Achieved during the Period of Liberalisation?

Demand Dynamics of Bangladeshi Plastic Products: A Case on Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging Materials

History's Legacy: Human Nature is Unchanging. Historical Cycles Not Economic

Impact of Motivation on Employee Performances: A Case Study of Karmasangsthan Bank Limited, Bangladesh

A Study on Perception of Quality of Work Life and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Saudi Arabia

Non-performing Loans and Systemic Risk: Empirical Evidence to Tunisia and Morocco

Financial Performance Evaluation of National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC)

Factor Affecting Polio Eradication Program in Pakistan

Integration and Volatilitys Persistence in Emerging and Developed countries: Impulse Responses and Multivariate DCC GARCH

The Gender Role on MFIs Performance: A Distinctive Trend

Impact of Career Salience on the Employee Turnover with the Mediating Role of Work Place Deviance: A Study on Telecommunication Sector of Pakistan

Promoting Multi-Creditor Workouts: A Nigerian Perspective

Relationship between Organizational Commitment and Employee’s Performance Evidence from Banking Sector of Lahore

The Five Themes of Change Management

Customer Knowledge Management (CKM) as a Predictor of Innovation Capability with the Moderating Role of Organizational Structure: A Study of the Banking Sector of Pakistan

A Review on Cultural Dimension Models

The Role and Impact of Business Communication on Employee Performances and Job Satisfactions: A Case Study on Karmasangsthan Bank Limited, Bangladesh

Closing the Gap: Medical Marijuana

Impact of Intrinsic Factors of Motivation on Employee’s Intention to Leave: A Case Study of Health Department District Okara Punjab, Pakistan

The Impact of Distributive (In) Justice on Deviance at Workplace in Public Sector Organizations of Pakistan with the Mediation of Perceived Organizational Support

Cost Benefit Analysis of Kenaf Cultivation for Producing Fiber in Malaysia

Osipow's Stress Inventory and Performance Evaluation: How do Interpersonal Strain and Social Neglect Come to Bear?

Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Financing Sources in a Developing Economy: A Focus on Nigeria

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Practices Adopted at Manufacturing Unit: An Analysis

The Role of Management Information Systems in the Effectiveness of Managerial Decision Making in Greater Irbid Municipality

Impact of Country of Origin Effect (COE) on Consumer Purchase Intentions

Halal Products Purchase Intention in Pakistan: Evidences from Non-Muslim Community

Triple Helix Revisited: Can the Involvement of Diaspora Enhance Technology Innovation Performance in Emerging African Economies?

Psychological Contract Breach and Affective Commitment in Banking Sector:The Mediation Effect of Psychological Contract Violation and Trust

Measuring Ergonomic Implementation from the Perspectives of Job Security,Job Stress and Job Satisfaction in Automotive System Industry

Arabian Journal of Business and Management, Volume 7, Issue 3

Who Do You Choose Your Social Media for? An Analysis of How Users’ Gratification and Social Norms Influences Social Media Choices

What Drives UAE Buyers towards Organic Food Product? An Experimental Study

The Effect of Service Quality on Trust and Loyalty for Giant Customers in Malang City

Benchmarks for Business Administration for Sustainable National Development

Asymmetry of Information and Credit Rationing: Investigation of Small and Medium-Sized Tunisian Firms

The Management of the Marshes of Thigar Governorate in the South of Iraq and their Importance in Improving the Process of Tourist Development

Optimum Route to All Seven Emirates: A Travelling Salesman Approach

Corporate Spirituality: Innovative Leadership Model towards Business Sustainability

An Empirical Analysis of Repulsive Buying Behaviour

Female Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries: A Comparative with Developed Countries as Explorative Study

Agricultural Funding and Challenges of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

Organizational Justice and Its Impact on Job Satisfaction in Public Sector Universities of Peshawar

Are Regulatory Measures Influencing on Bank Performances? The Ethiopian Case

Exchange Rate and Stock Market Interactions: Evidence from Nigeria

Assessment of the Factors that Affect Customer Satisfaction on Service Quality: A Case Study in Ethio Telecom Dawro Zone

A Causal Relationship between Collaborative Leadership and Innovation

A Study on Consumer Debt Stress Caused by Credit Cards

Impact of Improved Supply Chain Management on Innovation

Employees Views on Payroll Computerization and Its Impact on Their Productivity: A Grounded Theory Approach

The Impact of Leadership Styles on Business Success: A Case Study on SMEs in Amman

Flyadeal: A Replicate of Southwest or Continental Lite

Strategic Planning Implications in Higher Education

The Effect of Collaborative Leadership on Organizational Learning via Employees’ Benefits and Innovativeness

Gender and Work Engagement: A Study of Academic Staff in Higher Education

Decentralization by Devolution in Tanzania: Reflections on Water Service Delivery in the Selected Wards of Ilala Municipality, Dar es Salaam

Role of Environmental Management Systems Certification, Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure in Firm’s Efficiency: A Comparison of ISO 14001 Certified and Non-Certified Firms in Pakistan

Supply Chain Integration and Performance: The Effects of CPEC on Long Term Relationships, Information and Logistics Integration

A Study on Performance of Financial Institutions in Uganda

Conflict in Organizations

Critical Evaluation of Key Challenges to the Sustainable Development: Case Study of Brazil and China

From Information to Knowledge: Technology Status of Indian Companies

Public Service Motivation, Wasta and Employee Outcomes in the Saudi Public Sector

Potentials for Relationship Marketing Practice in the Public Sector: A Literature Analysis

Maximising the EPS with Leveraging

Compensation Justice and Psychological Contract as Antecedent for Engineer’s Turnover Intention

What should Top Management do for Increasing Business Performance?

Impact Analysis of Government Policies on the Economic Performance of Some Horticultural Crops in the Sudan (2009-2013)

A Study on Mediating Effect of Altruistic Behavior on Benevolent Leadership and Psychological Well-Being

Quality of E-Tail Websites, Outcomes and Moderating Effects of Demographic Factors

Impact of Person-Organization Fit on Employee Creativity: A Research on 200 Employees Working in Private Banks in Sargodha Punjab, Pakistan

Corporate Governance Quality and the Information Content of Discretionary Accruals: Evidence from Saudi Arabia

Effect of Self Esteem on Perceived Job Insecurity: The Moderating Role of Self Efficacy and Gender

Trade and GDP in World's Top Economies: Panel Co-integration Analysis

The Impact of Digital Media Advertising on Consumer Behavioral Intention towards Fashion and Luxury Brands: Case of the Gambia

Employee Performance Management System Practices and Challenges: A Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Corporate Financial Intelligence as a Driver of Organizational Performance: A Conceptual and Exploratory Review

Improving Corporate Performance with Benchmarking: Some Contemporary Insights

Essential Need of Communication Network Restructuring in Corporates

Influence of Middle Management in the Performance of the Corporate

Developing Regional Planning within the Framework of Decentralized Management Program: The Iraqi Experience

Minimization of Delivery Time in E-Commerce and the Impact on the Global Value Chain

Competency-Based Pay at the Heart of the New Strategic Management: A Case Study and Courses of Action

A Study on Employees' Attrition in Public and Private Institutions in The Gambia, 2007-2017

Impact of the Technological Developments to the Computer and Communication Service Exports: Panel Data Analysis

Real Development is Vulnerable Due to Some Unfair Practices - A Brief Study

Review of Effects of Poor Leadership Skill in Organization: Evidences

Review on Components of Transformational Leadership

Impact of Oil Prices and GDP on National Expenditure in the GCC Countries: ARDL Technique for Co-integration

Effects of Organizational Learning on Competitive Advantage of Selected Telecommunication Firms in Nigeria

Multi-Dimensional Scaling and Brand Image Analysis of Select Consumer Durable Products Based on Consumer Perception in Wilayat of Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman

Construction Risks and Completion of Public Private Partnership Project in Kenya: A Case of Sondu-Miriu Hydroelectric Power Project

The Power of Positive Psychological Capital: An Exploratory Study

Investment in Property is the Prime Choice for a Pakistani Middle-Class Investor: An Exploratory Study in Rawalpindi/Islamabad

Governance Mechanisms and Financial Structure: Case of Tunisia

Moderating Effect of Implementation Challenges on Enterprise Resource Planning Adoption and Internally Generated Revenue of States in Southwest Nigeria

Challenges Faced by IT Companies in Attracting, Recruiting and Retaining None IT background Generation Y Graduates

Editor's Note 2020

Determinants of Halal Food Purchase Intention among Filipino Muslims in Metro Manila

The Influence of Demographic Factors on the Awareness Level of Microfinance Institutions Facilities in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Key Success Factors of Total Quality Management (TQM) for the Hospitality Sector: A Critical Review of the Literature

Business Restructuring ��? Step by Step Guidelines

2020 Awards of Global Innovators

An Analysis of the Labor Process Theory: from Marx to Post Braverman Debate

A Study on Administrative Agencies under Regulatory Law

Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Coffee Production and Adaptation Mechanisms; The Case of Small-Holder Farmers at Dara Woreda, South Ethiopia

The Dynamics of Foreign Direct Investment in Economy of Saudi Arabia

The Guidelines of Shariah Compliance and the Balanced Scorecard Measurements for Improvements in the Islamic Banks Performance in Malaysia

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