Astrophysics & Aerospace Technology

ISSN: 2329-6542

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Meteorite Fall at Sadiya, India: A Raman Spectroscopic Classification


Bhaskar J Saikia*, Parthasarathy G, Borah RR, Borthakur R and Sarmah AJD

This report demonstrates compositional, spectroscopic and mineralogical analysis of a new meteorite that fell at Natun Balijan village of Sunpura, Sadiya, India on June 5, 2017. The olivine and pyroxene composition (Fa28.97; Fo71.03; Fs24.47; En74.03 and Wo1.5) of the meteorite are determined. The measured Raman band positions are consistent with chemical composition for olivine and pyroxene. The compositional and spectroscopic analysis of the Sadiya meteorite sample show that the meteorite belongs to LL-5 type chondrite.


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