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Is Traditional Media Losing Effect Compared to Influencer Marketing? A Review for the Cosmetic Industry


Gulcin Ipek Emeksiz*

Influencers, who disclose their lifestyles to the masses on social media on topics ranging from giving personal skin care to themselves at their homes to matching different outfits and creating combinations for date nights, to preparing diet and healthy meals for having a fit body shape, try to change the lifestyle habits and the talk topics in the lives of many young people by presenting themselves as opinion leaders, view affecters or digital penetrators. Influencers, who are discovered by many popular brands due to their high number of followers and who has a change to try the first sample products of these cosmetic brands for this reason, advertise the products on their channels with excitement in order to create behavior change in the shopping habits of young generations. However, influencers carry responsibilities while encouraging people to pay larger amounts for expensive cosmetic products thus authenticity is a key for the continuation of their vlogs by getting likes. Brands see influencers as people who have a high potential in selling products by creating new unthought-of content on social media and who have a change to touch the lives of considerable amount of people by interacting with them. This research aims to look at the concept of influencer marketing by also mentioning from how Influencer marketing has achieved to go one step further in the cosmetic industry rather than traditional advertisements nowadays by providing a literature review on the issue.


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