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ISSN: 2090-0902

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Equiprime-Semi Module over a Boolean Like Semi Ring


Bhagavathula Venkata Narayana Murthy*

In this paper, the concepts of equiprime ideals and equiprime semi modules over Boolean like semi rings are introduced and also furnish some examples. It is proved that if P is equip rime R- Ideal of the R-module M then (P:M) is euqiprime ideal of R. Also establish if M is an equiprime R-module then (0:M) is an equiprime ideal of R. Also establish an important characterization of the equiprime ideal of R in the semi module structure over R. Using this result we can prove, If R is a Boolean like semi ring and R ≠ 0. Then R is equiprime if and only if there exists a faithful equiprime R-module M. Finally, we show that let M be an equiprime R-module and let N be an invariant sub group of R such that N is not contained in (0:M). Then M is an equiprime N-module.


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