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Models of damped oscillators in quantum mechanics

Newtons laws for a biquaternionic model of the electro-gravimagnetic eld, charges, currents, and their interactions

On nonergodic property of Bose gas with weak pair interaction

Identification of optimal topography of the barotropic ocean model in the North Atlantic by variational data assimilation

On deformed quantum mechanical schemes and *-value equations based on the space-space noncommutative Heisenberg-Weyl group

Some thoughts on geometries and on the nature of the gravitational fi eld

Lie symmetries and exact solutions of a class of thin lm equations

Hilberts idea of a physical axiomatics: the analytical apparatus of quantum mechanics

Unitary braid matrices: bridge between topological and quantum entanglements

A Closed Form Solution for Quantum Oscillator Perturbations Using Lie Algebras.

Histories Distorted by Partial Isometries

Shape Invariant Potentials in Second-Order Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics

Symmetry Invariance, Anticommutativity and Nilpotency in BRST Approach to QED: Superfield Formalism

Lie Derivatives along Anti symmetric Tensors, and the M-Theory Super algebra

Extended Lie Derivatives and a New Formulation of D=11 Supergravity

Operational Methods and Lorentz-Type Equations of Motion

The Low Lying Energy-Momentum Spectrum for the Lattice Four-Fermi Model

Further Developments for the Auxiliary Field Method

The Auxiliary Field Method in Quantum Mechanics

On the Divergence of Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory Applied to Laser-Induced Molecular Transitions: Analytical Calculations for the Simple Algorithm

A Modified N=2 Extended Supersymmetry

Editorial for Journal of Physical Mathematics

A Remark on the Hopf invariant for Spherical 4-braids

Puiseux Series Expansions for the Eigenvalues of Transfer Matrices and Partition Functions from the Newton Polygon Method for Nanotubes and Ribbons

Recent Experimental Results Claim for a Rigorous Understanding of Nuclear Forces

LP Donoho-Stark Uncertainty Principles for the Dunkl Transform on Equation

The Entropy Production of a Nonequilibrium Open System

What Mathematics Is The Most Fundamental?

Quaternionic Dirac Scattering

Rise in Galactic Cosmic Ray before Thunderstorm in Delhi

Physical Interpretation of Noncommutative Algebraic Varieties

Introduction to Non Commutative Algebraic Geometry

New Analytical Formulae to Calibrate HPGe Well-type Detectors Efficiency and to Calculate Summing Corrections

Foundations of a Unified Physics

A Report on Null Horizons in Relativity

Dynamics of Two Charged Particles in a Creeping Flow

Numerical Method for One-Dimensional Convection-diffusion EquationUsing Radical Basis Functions

Liouville's Theorem in Classical Mechanics and the Global Information Field

A Fixed Point Theorem for Left Amenable Semi-Topological Semi Groups

An Existence Result for Impulsive Stochastic Functional Differential Equations with Multiple Delays

Guarcs in the Inside Hadronic Four-Dimensional Euclidean Space with Real Time

Numerical and Experimental Investigations on the Meshing Model Choice of a NACA2415 Airfoil Wind Turbine Placed in an Open Wind Tunnel

Control of Laminar Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in a Planar T-Channel with Rotating Obstacle

Challenges and Opportunities in Classroom Dynamics in an Online as Opposed to an On-Site Class-A Paradigm Shift

Confluent Hypergeometric Equation via Fractional Calculus Approach

Relaxation Equations: Fractional Models

Thermogravimetry and the Negative Temperature Dependence of Gravity

Comparison of Macrodosimetric Efficacy of Transarterial Radioembolization (TARE) by Using 90Y Microspheres of Different Density of Activity

How SI Units Hide the Equal Strength of Gravitation and Charge Fields

A Hierarchy of Symmetry Breaking in the Nonsymmetric Kaluza-Klein (Jordan-Thiry) Theory

On De Broglies Double-particle Photon Hypothesis

Parametric Resonance Applications in Neutrophil Dynamics

Matrix Representation for Seven-Dimensional Nilpotent Lie Algebras

Thermal Diffusive Free Convective Radiating Flow Over an Impulsively Started Vertical Porous Plate in Conducting Field

On the Exact Values of Daubechies Wavelets

Human-in-the-Loop: Could Predictive Modeling Improve Human Performance?

Could Electronics Reliability be Assured, if it is Not Quantified

Analytical Modeling Occupies a Special Place in the Modeling Effort

Analytical Modeling Enables One to Explain Paradoxical Situations in Behavior and Performance of Electronic Product Materials

Alternative Interpretation of the Lorentz-transformation

Fundamental Discovery of the Dialectical Unity Principle and its Consequences for Theoretical Physics

New Analytical Formulae to Calibrate Well-type Scintillation Detectors Efficiency

Inertia effect on free convection over horizontal surface in a porous medium with a variable wall heat flux and variable wall temperature containing Internal heat generation

The Experimental Evidence for the Dark Matter Universe

Existence and Smoothness of the Navier-Stokes Equation in Two and Three-Dimensional Euclidean Space

Improving the Accuracy of Yoshio's Formula Koide

Relation between the Gravitational and Magnetic Fields

Sieve of Prime Numbers Using Algorithms

Yang-Mills Mass Gap Clay Institute Problem Solution

Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture Clay Institute Millenium Problem Solution

On Regularisation and Comparison of Methods for Solving Hilbert Linear Systems

Astro-Theology, Cusacks Universe

Navier-Stokes Clay Institute Millennium Problem Solution

About New Internal Symmetries of the Integer Lattice (ZN)

On Adiabatic Processes at the Elementary Particle Level

Nonholonomic Ricci Flows of Riemannian Metrics and Lagrange-Finsler Geometry

The Double Slit Experiment-Explained

Mesh Deformation Approaches – A Survey

Optimized Launch of a Rocket Launcher Type, From La Guajira - Colombia

The Quantum Sieve of Eratosthenes

The Generalized Triple Difference Lacunary Statistical on Γ3 Over P-Metric Spaces Defined by Musielak Orlicz Function

Pressure the Universe

Differential Equations: Determining Partial Integrability of Wave Theory

Nitrogen Dispersion

An Analysis on Absolute Velocity

Sagnac Effect and Fiber Optic Gyroscopes

The Spaces of Entire Function of Finite Order

Universal Ode’s and Their Solution

The Electrodynamic Algorithms of Core of Stars and Black Holes

Solitonic Model of the Electron, Proton and Neutron

Pisot-K Elements in the Field of Formal Power Series over Finite Field

The Meaning of “Pi” in the Hebrew Scriptures

Three Examples of Unbounded Energy for t>0

Mathematical Issue in Section 2 of 'On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies'

Back to Galilean Transformation and Newtonian Physics Refuting the Theory of Relativity

On Discretizations of the Generalized Boole Type Transformations and their Ergodicity

A Viscosity Hypothesis – That the Presence or Absence of Viscosity Separates Relativistic and Quantum Systems Based on the Simplest Possible Theory of Everything

Polignac's Conjecture with New Prime Number Theorem

Call to Repel the Physical Theories of the 20th Century

Matlab Source Code for Species Transport through Nafion Membranes in Direct Ethanol, Direct Methanol, and Direct Glucose Fuel Cells

New Near Open Set In Topological Space

Identification of Trends and Wave Regularities according to Statistical Data of Fluctuations of Mass of Glaciers

Identification of Wave Regularities According to Statistical Data of Parameters of 24 Pulsars

Optical Fizeau Experiment with Moving Water is Explained without Fresnel's Hypothesis and Contradicts Special Relativity

Mathematical Theory of Space-Time

Convergence and the Grand Unified Theory

Important Discovery of Preferred Velocity of 30000 ± 625 M/S of the Solar Motion of the Earth, Part 1

Solitary Waves for the Modified Korteweg-De Vries Equation in Deterministic Case and Random Case

Verifying ‘Einstein’s Time’ by Using the Equation ‘Time=Distance/Velocity

The Last Challenge of Modern Physics

Speakable and Unspeakable in Special Relativity: the Ageing of the Twins in the Paradox

Inconsistency in the Development of the Lorentz Factor in Section 3 of ‘On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies’

Factor Analysis of Influence of Parameters of Water Regime and Hydrological Changes on Pastures

Failure of Mechanical Equipment Due to Welding Imperfections

Solutions of the Ultra-Relativistic Euler Equations in Riemann Invariants

To Find Different Gravity Law Proof Gravity Wave Equations are Real and Generate Gravitational Waves

An Implicit and Untested Premise of the Special Theory of Relativity

Gravitational Shocks, Shock Waves, and Exotic Space Propulsion

Treatments of Probability Potential Function for Nuclear Integral Equation

Historical Review on Classical Electromagnetism & Rational Reconstruction of Formal System

External Gravity Theory and Gravity Bumps During Eclipses

Ergodic Theory and the Structure of Non-commutative Space-Time

Symmetry Experiment to the Lorentz Transformation

Logic Examination and Arrangement upon the Classical Mechanics and the Foundation of Natural Science

A New Approach to the Quantisation of Paths in Space-Time

Unitary Representations of the Translational Group Acting as Local Diffeomorphisms of Space-Time

Distance and Mass Correction on Logarithmic Metrics for High Z's, Due to the Non-Cero Angular Momentum in an Isotropic Rotational Universe Hypothesis

Scalar Field Theory for Mass Determination

On a Classical Variant of the Vertex Algebra

Algeria's Satisfaction with the Valorisation of Renewable Energies in the Field of Electrification of Remote Regions of the Paid

Study of the Cumulative Number Distribution of Charged Particles Produced in p12C-Interactions at 4.2 A GeV/c

A Study of Stellar Model with Cramer's Opacity by using Runge Kutta Method with Programming C

Convergence Analysis of Finite Difference Method for Differential Equation

Study of Second Grade Fluid over a Rotating Disk with Coriolis and Centrifugal Forces

A Problem in Thermoelasticity with and without Energy Dissipation

Nonextensive Electrical and Thermostatistical Parametric Dependency on Temperature and Tsallis Factor by the Formulation of Q-Exponential Integrals

Stability Analysis of the 2-Point Diagonally Implicit Super Class of Block Backward Differentiation Formula with Off-Step Points

The Relation of Particle Sequence to Atomic Sequence

Partial Interior Stabilization of a Coupled Wave Equations on an Exterior Bounded Obstacle

Elementary Particles and Astrotheology

Contesting the π value

The Relativistic Addition of n (Scalar) Relative Velocities and a Short Possible Solution to Fermat's Last Theorem

Induced Riemannian Structures and Topology of Null Hypersurfaces in Lorentzian Manifold

Region of Dark Matter Present in the Hydrogen Atom

Accidental Degeneracy of Hydrogen Atom Revisited

Associative Triple Systems with Nondegenerate Bilinear Forms

Covariant Functors Finite Degree and Stratifiable Spaces

Factorial Unitary Representations of the Translational Group, Invariant Pure States and the Super Symmetric Graviton

Method of Verifying the Existence of Velocity Vectors Excluded by the Special Theory of Relativity

Fractional and High Order Asymptotic Results of the MFPT

Bound State Solutions of the Klein-Gordon Equation for the More General Exponential Screened Coulomb Potential Plus Yukawa (MGESCY) Potential Using Nikiforov-Uvarov Method

Relations of Infinite Spaces in Full Voids and Constitution of Total Energies and Their Effect on Matter

New Exact Solutions for the Maccari System

The Homotopy Analysis Method for a Fourth-Order Initial Value Problems

Factorial Unitary Representations of Compact Lie Groups, Wigner Sets and Locally Invariant Quantum Fields

Just a Formula Langevin?

Relativistic Electromagnetic-Gravitational Interaction

Heteroscedasticity in One Way Multivariate Analysis of Variance

A Grill between Weak Forms of Faint Continuity

Using Bayesian Model Averaging to Calibrate Temperature Forecast Ensembles in Hawassa Town, Ethiopia

Deformation-less Acceleration of a Stick in Special Relativity

Liouvilie Type Results for a Class of Quasilinear Parabolic Problem

Physics Illustrations of Converging Infinite Series

Application of Kinetic Flux Vector Splitting Scheme for Solving Viscous Quantum Hydrodynamical Model of Semiconductor Devices

Zero-Curvature Representation of Non-Abelian Quantum Painleve II Equation with Its Darboux Solution

On the Non-Real Roots of the Riemann Zeta Function ϛ(s)

Unconjugated Contact Forms

Wave Packets of Mandelbrot Type in Boundary Problems of Quantum Mechanics

The Problem of the Twin Paradox Elucidated Based on a Thought Experiment Carried out by Discriminating Between a Classically Stationary Frame and Moving Frame

A Tranversality Condition of Codemesion One Submanifolds

Existence Results of Ordinary Differential Inclusions in Banach Algebra under Weak Topology

Realization of the Relationship between Quantum Mechanics and Relativity

Establishing the Equation of the Wave Function and the System Model (ρ, m, v)

Classical Algebra: Matrix Multiplication (The Rule of Vacancies)

Towards a Non-Perturbative Quantum Gravity

Algorithm Model Defining Dimensional Features

Effects of Mixed Convection and Navier Slip on a Chemically Reactive Heat and Mass Transfer MHD Fluid Flow Over a Permeable Surface with Convective Boundary Conditions

Mistakes in Mathematical Formalism of the Stephen Hawking's Doctoral Thesis

Photodynamics: How Massive Photons, Gravitons, Gluons, and Neutrinos Manage to Travel at the Speed of Light

The Openness of Certain Subfunctors of the Probability Measure Functor and the Topological Properties of Spaces of the Form F(X)\?F(X)

Supporting Concepts for Understanding Time

Photogenesis: How Motion Becomes Matter

Multiple Coexisting Attractors in a Generalized Chua's Circuit with a Smoothly Adjustable Symmetry and Nonlinearity

On the Addition Modulus of the Aunu Pattern ωi ϵ Gp: An Investigation of Some Topological Properties

Generating Tuples of Integers Modulo n

A New Approach for the Derivation of Lorentz Transformations and Its Implications on Understanding the Special Theory of Relativity

The Philosophical Implications of Set Theory in Infinity

Generalized Robertson-Walker Space-Times with W1-Curvature Tensor

Particle Motion and Scattering in Finslerian-Kropina Schwarzschild Metric

Special Solution of the Schrödinger Equation: Realizations of the Solution of the Total Schrödinger Equation from the Link between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Wave Perturbations for Linear Instability of Magneto Hydrodynamic Hartman Flow between Parallel Plates

Heat Mass Transfer of Nanofluids Flow with Soret Effect In the Presence of Thermal Radiation

Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Optical Properties Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon thin film Alloy Si

Elementary Particles: "Tangled" Electromagnetic Waves, Orbital Electromagnetic Polarization and Orbital Electromagnetic Cyclo-Synchronization

An Extended Jacobian Elliptic Function Expansion Approach to the Generalized Fifth Order KdV Equation

Number Functions Arising out of Number Linear Symmetry or Number Circular Asymmetry on a Number Line that Proves the Existence of the Exact Nature of Non-Trivial Zeros in A Riemann Zeta Function

Are We Wrong about the Michelson Morley Experiment?

Editor note Journal of Physical Mathematics

Water Loss Dependence on the Change in Permeability Coefficient of the Bottom and the Side Walls of the Channel

Time to Stop Believing in Fairytales: A Possible Solution to Quantum Mechanics Most Daring Problem, the Doubleslit Experiment

A Second Order Accurate Difference Scheme for the Diffusion Equation with Nonlocal Nonlinear Boundary Conditions

Construction of Super NLPDE’s Traveling Waves Solutions of Super KdV Equation with Emphasis to Applications

A Mathematical Principle of Quantum Mechanism

Can Quantum Mechanics Correlate All Natural Forces? An Experimental and Observational Approach

Modelling Fatigue and Performance Capabilities in Nigerian Security Agencies Workforce

Behavior of Synovial fluid in a Channel

The Proof of the Infinity of Twin Primes

Mapping the Charge-Dyon System into the PositionDependent Effective Mass Background via Pauli Equation

A Mathematical Model for the eradication of Anopheles Mosquito and elimination of Malaria

Matrices : Properties SB's Theorem (spectrum)

Editor Note-Volume-11-Physical Mathematics

Does dark matter really exist?

The Unified Field 4-Dimensional Relativistic Dirac Equation

Self-Similar Formation of Quantum Coherent Correlated States-the Universal Method for Solving and Optimization of LENR Problems

Cumulative Number Distribution of Charged Particles Produced

Editorial on Vertex operators

Journal of Physical Design and development

Generalization of Topology

Analysis of Linear Algebra

The Mystery of Time: A New Solution for Dark Matter and a Better Understanding of Quantum Mechanics

The Quantum Equations of Numbers and Numerical Functions and Real Quantum Marker and Relation of the Degradation of Matter

G-d's Physics: Its "Time" for "Geula"!

'G-d's Physics' (CUFT) New Physics' Paradigm: "Miracles" Can Happen!?

G-d's Physics New 21st Century Paradigm: From "Law" to "Mercy"

"G-d's Physics": From Arbitrary Physical & Biological "Evolution" towards a Universal Consciousness Reality's (UCR) Directed Morally-Perfected ("Geula") Universe!

"G-d's Physics": On the True Nature of "DarkEnergy" & "Dark-Matter"

"G-d's Physics" New 21st Century Paradigm: A Complete Integration of "Space" & "Energy", "Mass" & "Time"!

The New 'G-d's Physics Twenty-First Century Paradigm: A Morally Perfected (Geula) Directed New physics Universe

The Cosmological, Constant Problem, and the Vacuum Energy Density

Mathematics of Rival theories of Relativity

Quantum groups, Hopf algebras and Frobenius Algebras

Teaching of Mathematics in Technology and Natural Sciences

A Saddle Point Finding Method for Lorenz Attractor through Business Machine Learning Algorithm

A Comparative Study of some Stochastic Models in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic


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