Journal of Cosmetology & Trichology

ISSN: 2471-9323

Open Access

Effects of Trichosol™ on Increasing the Anagen Phase of the Capillary Cycle of Volunteers


Aline Velasco Pucci, Anaflavia Oliveira, Fernando Amaral and Carlos Rocha Oliveira

Trichotech™ technology had its mechanism of action published in 2017. Trichosol™ is a vehicle presentation (with Trichotech™ technology) with other hair growth formulations such as Minoxidil, an important drug in the treatment of hair loss. hair and other hair disorders. Through dermoscopy, the percentage of anagen phase was quantified between groups of volunteers who used Minoxidil (3%) associated or not with the Trichosol™ vehicle, which contains Trichotech™ technology. This study aimed to investigate the potential of Trichosol™, associated with Minixodil (3%), in the promotion of hair growth through the analysis of the increase of the capillary anagen phase (about 20%) compared to the telogen phase of the volunteers. The results also indicated that after treatment for 90 days with the combination of Minoxidil (3%) and Trichosol™, both sexes presented increase in the percentage of anagen phase. Further investigation concerning Trichosol™ could be useful in the development of new therapeutic associations for the treatment of hair loss.


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