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Double Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Assessment of the Efficacy of a Food Supplement in Reducing Hair Loss in Male Subjects


Vincenzo Nobile*, Enza Cestone, Gloria Roveda, Marta Pisati, Angela Michelotti and Maurizia Dossena

Background: Hair loss is a not life-threatening dermatological condition with some physical effects but with more severe psychosocial consequences. Nutrition deficiencies have been associated to hair loss, opening the door for food supplement’s use in decreasing hair loss.

Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy and safety of a commercially available food supplement (Alline proMEN) containing a patented keratin (Keramax®), venus hair fern extract and a combination of 11 vitamins and two minerals.

Patients/Methods: Men with hair loss were randomized to receive a tablet per day of the active or the placebo product over a 3-months study period. Anagen, telogen and hair density were measured as primary endpoints; while hair mechanical properties, hair structure, hair radiance, clinical analysis and self-assessment were investigated as secondary endpoints.

Results: The mean change of the percentage of telogen hair over 1 month product use was -4.6%; while the mean change over 3 months product use was -13.2%. The hair breakage force and the hair elongation were statistically changed after 3 months of product use by +7.5 and 5.3%; while the hair radiance was improved both at 1 and 3 months. These effects were visible also on the clinical analysis, on the hair structure and by the subjects.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the oral supplementation with Alline proMEN for 3 months was effective in speeding up the resolution of the hair loss in men, in improving the hair physical and mechanical properties and was well-tolerated. The product is then a safe and effective way to address hair loss in men.


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