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Comparative Analysis of the Hindu and Times of India Post the Abrogation of Article 370


Anshda Raj

In the one month following the abrogation of Article 370, there are major discrepancies in the reporting of the two largest English newspapers, i.e., The Hindu and The Times of India. These distinctions are viewed in the light of gate keeping theory, as well as the paid news phenomenon to understand the streamlining of information. Gate keeping is utilized to streamline information on accounts of political ideologies or appeasement of investors. The paid news phenomenon is also used to understand the same. The unit of analyses is the news items and the headlines. Tabulation of this news on the basis of the positions is done. Positional scoring on the basis of circulation is carried out and frames are decided upon, to highlight the predispositions of the newspapers. Moreover, this analysis is accompanied by the Chi-square test to determine the newspaper’s statistical association with the ruling party, with Article 370, and local political parties of Jammu and Kashmir.


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