Archives of Surgical Oncology

ISSN: 2471-2671

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Cancer and host immunity (microbiome)


Ivana Haluskova Balter

Gastrointestinal tract is crucial for many physiological processes it plays an important role in inflammatory and immune reactions. Several internal and external factors can influence this population, and shifts in their composition, have been demonstrated to contribute and affect different diseases. During dysbiosis several bacteria related to inflammation, one of the most necessary factors in carcinogenesis; it has been shown that some bacterial strains through deregulation of different signals/pathways may affect tumor development through the production of many factors. Gut microbiota might be considered as a holistic hub point for cancer development: direct and indirect involvements have been studying in several neoplasms such as colon rectal cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma and breast cancer. Immune host response and resistance microbiome is composed from 100.000 milliards of bacteria. It forms protective barrier against pathogens (permeability) and interactive layer with inner host immune system and neuroendocrine System. It does play important role in development (training of host immune response), human health prevention.


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