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Assessment the Structural Adjustment Policies in Sudan via (VECM) Model through the period 1989-2019


Almahdi Musa Attahir Musa1*, Omer Abdelrahman Mohammed Mansour2

The paper aimed to assessment the structural adjustment policies in Sudan. The paper problem was formulated in following main question: What were the most important objectives of structural adjustment policies and programs? The paper was based on the following main assumption: Structural adjustment policies and programs in Sudan have not achieved the desired goals. The paper used the descriptive and analytical approaches. The study reached that GDP, Per Capita (PC) and External Debt (ED) had inverse impact on Economic Growth (EG), while inflation rate and Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER) they had a direct impact on (GR). The paper recommended that the necessity of evaluating the structural adjustment policies to know the reasons for their failure, and then adopting
alternative policies that.


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