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Vitamins & Minerals has got h-index 13, which means every article in Vitamins & Minerals has got 13 average citations.

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Year wise citations received

330 189 154 169 139
Journal total citations count 1601
Journal impact factor 11.79
Journal 5 years impact factor 10.78
Journal cite score 11.86
Journal h-index 13
Journal h-index since 2016 12
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Important citations

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Liang C, Li Z, Xia X, Wang Q, Tao R, et al. (2016) Determine Multiple Elements Simultaneously in the Sera of Umbilical Cord Blood Samples—a Very Simple Method. Biological Trace Element Research 1-8.

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Buchete NV, Thompson J (2015) Exposure of chick embryos to cadmium changes the extra-embryonic vascular branching pattern and alters expression of VEGF-A and VEGF-R2.

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