Advancements in Information Engineering & Research

Advances in Robotics & Automation

ISSN: 2168-9695

Open Access

Special Issue: Advancements in Information Engineering & Research

The Journal of Advances in Robotics & Automation offer researchers of every field to take a step ahead and get the best researches for engineering in the field of Robotics & Automation.

The International Journal of Advances in Robotics & Automation reflects holds its allegiance to publish high-quality original research papers, reviews, and commentaries in the area of Robotics and Automation. Not only are we motivated to publish articles in the field of Robotics and Automation (Artificial Intelligence, Automated Mining,Fuzzy Logic, Biomechanics, Robotic Rehabilitation, and Robotic surgery), but also emphasize on reports of new methodologies and techniques that have general applicability. Articles on Information Engineering & Research; evaluations of implemented systems or papers providing insight into a advances in engineering, Social Robots and Advanced Materials are also suitable for publication in the journal.

The journal also accentuates on innovative techniques from fields, such as decision science, statistics, cognitive science, engineering, information science, organizational theory, or management science.

The International Journal of Advances in Robotics & Automation wishes to familiarize papers elucidating novel methodologies those generating across engineering domains. Papers published will tend to reflect wellspring of new ideas which enlightens the “know-how” to tackle difficult problems that arise in the development of computational solutions to problems in the Robotics & Automation.

Robotics & Automation is a burgeoning field, with important applications and implications throughout the biomedical and clinical worlds. We are eager to have the research community consistently identify JBI as the journal that best defines the scientific base for the field. We accordingly invite both your contributions and your readership.

In this special issue, we intend to invite front-line researchers and authors to submit original researches and review articles on Advancements in Information Engineering & Research.

Submission Guidelines:

Original submissions of high-quality contributions are expected.

Authors should submit their manuscripts at or send as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at  [email protected]  and in the cover letter should identify that their manuscript is being submitted for publication consideration for the special issue. Please be sure to include complete contact information for each submitting author as well as a set of 6-8 key terms words that will facilitate the review process.

Each paper will undergo a thorough evaluation by at least two reviewers. The authors will have some time to incorporate the comments of the reviewers and submit a revised version of their papers, which will be evaluated again by the reviewers to make a final decision.

Guest Editors:

Shishir K. Shandilya
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
BANSAL Institute of Research Technology & Science (

Barbara Bruno
Ambient Intelligence, Human-Robot Interaction
University of Genoa
Genoa, Italy

Smita Shandilya
Department of Electrical Engineering
Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology
Bhopal, India

Timeline and Process:

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