What we learnt from Thai palliative care services in central region; palliative care teams, patients and families perspectives

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What we learnt from Thai palliative care services in central region; palliative care teams, patients and families perspectives

17th World Congress on Clinical Nursing & Practice

August 29-30, 2018 | Zurich, Switzerland

Tiraporn Junda, Johnphajong Phengjard, Baulung Sumdangrit and Auchareya Patumwan

Mahidol University, Thailand
Srisavarindhira Thai Red Cross Institute of Nursing, Thailand

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Abstract :

After Thailand launching the palliative care policy and services to all primary hospitals in 2015, a follow up study in the central region had been done by the palliative care services satisfaction questionnaire, focus group and in-depth interviews with palliative care teams, patients and family members. Ten palliative care teams self-evaluated with overall most satisfaction especially in topics of the palliative care team is committed to providing continuous support to patients and Palliative care team give patient care with a sense of service as the best service. However they indicated the shortcoming of staff, not enough settings and less effective pain management system. Content analysis for all interviews with palliative care teams was revealing their feelings toward palliative care services in four parts; working with heart and need visibility; working need help, knowledge and understanding; working need teams and multi-sectors and; working need Expanding networks and close communication. For patients and family members interviewed results found that most of them did not understand much about the word palliative or Pra-kub-pra-kong so most of their feelings and needs related to patientsÔ?? conditions and some were under physical and emotional stress especially when they were at home. When the palliative care services was launched can help support both patients and families. Some can connect more network to continuing assisted them at home. Conclusion, improve palliative care services include integrated palliative care in the long term care service can improve palliative care services. However for better care services need more support in terms of staff who like to work with palliative care; improve knowledge and skills; better understanding of palliative care to others; team work with multidisciplinary professions, multisectors, and communities; and expanding networks. In addition integrated palliative care concept in society is needed for better understanding in general population.

Biography :

Tiraporn Junda has completed her PhD in Nursing at University of Washington, USA in 2002. Currently, she is an Instructor for under-graduation, graduation and international master degree programs in Adult and Elderly Nursing Department, Ramathibodi School of Nursing, at Mahidol University, Thailand. Most research had been done in Oncology Nursing field. She has published more than 20 papers in Thai and English.

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