Towards death among nurses caring for patients on hemodialysis

Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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Towards death among nurses caring for patients on hemodialysis

37th Asia-Pacific Nursing and Medicare Summit


Chang Woan Ching, Iskandar M1and Lim S K

International Medical University, Malaysia
University Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia

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Abstract :

Nurses in hemodialysis centers often have to face the death of patients under their care. The literature revealed a lack of study exploring attitudes of nurses towards death for patient on hemodialysis from Malaysia perspective. This study aims to investigate how Malaysian nurses feel about death and to explore relationship between their death attitudes and demographic variables. A convenience sample (n=58) was engaged from three hemodialysis centers in Klang Valley where data were collected using the Death Attitude Profile-Revised (DAP-R) questionnaires. A quantitative survey was employed using the Death Acceptance Model as a theoretical framework. The findings revealed that majority participants reported having a neutral acceptance attitude towards death (M=5.4, SD=0.69). This implied a moderately positive attitude among nurses in hemodialysis where they perceived and accept death as an integral part of life. Significant predictors of age (p=0.015), race (p=0.005) and years of working experience (p=0.025) were identified to be associated with death attitude. Perceived avoidance (fear of death, death avoidance and escape acceptance) identified in this study are important to facilitate renal nurses to understand their own feelings and tolerance about death for patients. This study indicated a need to improve death attitude by providing support in developing effective strategy for nurses caring for dying patients.

Biography :

Chang Woan Ching has completed her Master’s degree from Open University Malaysia. She is the Nursing Lecturer of International Medical University. She has published several papers in nursing journals and has been supervising more than 20 students in research.

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