The power of an evolutionary approach to moving in an era where we are evolving to become trans-human

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The power of an evolutionary approach to moving in an era where we are evolving to become trans-human

2nd International Conference and Expo on Holistic Medicine and Nursing

August 14-15, 2017 Toronto, Canada

Julie Rammal

JSport, UAE

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Abstract :

AIM: Revives ancient healing techniques through the launch of â??Eye Projectionâ?? and â??Image Projectionâ?? and Holistic Fitness Celebrity fitness trainer; Julie Rammal, known for her in-depth knowledge and experience in Holistic training, is set to revive some age-old healing therapies known to mankind with â??Eye Projectionâ?? and â??Image Projectionâ?? to empower clients results. She inspires the world to re-connect to their body, mind and soul in an era where we are evolving to become transhuman. She enlightens the lives of the ill, and those facing physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Julie and her training brings balance into the body, mind and soul through her innovative holistic movement practices that bring happiness, energy, and youthfulness back into humanity and their lives. Julie teaches clients that the body is another living organism and that it should not be abused, but rather honoured. She states that, â??Your body is an empire, and when you are connected to you, you can achieve miracles.â? It speaks itsâ?? own language that we are failing to listen to Julie shares her advanced training techniques with the public and the future of movement through her eye and image projection methodologies of empowering her clients. Her â??Eye Projectionâ?? technique is all about combining various methods to project the image that her clients want themselves training sessions. Clients often approach her wanting to change and to: look, be and feel better. Upon their wish, Julie uses her power and energy to project that image onto her clients. The projected image is manifested in the clientsâ?? lives within days, weeks, or months. Julie reiterates that we understand that energy, thoughts, and images are transferrable with the power of intention. Through her work, clients have experienced immediate relief from various pains, have healed and experienced a change in their emotional state. Many have improved posture, reconnected to their internal selves (such as their organs), and have had their thoughts amplified. Holistic training is a language that the body understands and quickly encodes all of the coding that we have programmed ourselves into without being aware. As a result, our bodies, mind, and spirit are becoming more dis-connected with the technological evolution that is now taking over the human corpse. Julie intends to revive age-old healing therapies to inculcate discipline in holistic living and take movement back to basics. She states that we are unaware of the rapid progression of have dis-connected from ourselves and mother earth. The only hope to keep humanity alive is through re-connecting before we face extinction. She explains to her clients, ways to improve health, family, and raising children through holistic ancient approaches that our ancestors used and communicate with the soul while empowering our instincts. Julieâ??s expertise lies in training the body from within to get desired results. The mind, brain, heart and body is made to believe in its deepest sheath and layers to achieve that well balanced, toned and beautiful physique. To describe in her words, Julie says, â??Our body is art, we need to re-enlighten it so it shines. â??Through Holistic Training, Julie has helped numerous clients worldwide to re-connect with themselves, find happiness, lose weight, and change their lives. She has taught and continues to teach people the power of their own body in a hope to empower the world in re-connecting back with them.

Biography :

Julie Rammal, the founder of JSport is a Holistic Personal Trainer who was inspired to begin her fitness career in 1997. She trained numerous celebrities, VIP and widely has known for her holistic approach towards understanding and assisting the body and mind, in just three energy-fuelled sessions. She is known as the body guru who can fix your body, mind and spirit through movement.

JSport provides online and in person: expert holistic sessions and consultations in: Ayurveda, Alternative and complementary medicine, anti-aging, personal training, Pilates, yoga, fitness, detox, nutrition, weight loss, meditation, movement therapy, sound and crystal therapy, private retreats, corporate holistic fitness programs and more. Its latest innovations are privately organized retreats for vip’s with Julie to change their lives, body, and mind, Julie’s Fitness DVD: In Light Of Change, new youtube channel. For bookings

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